The HP Stream A Few Years On

Back in 2015 I was in the need of a new laptop as my old one finally gave up so I opted for the HP Stream in 13.3" as I though this would be the best option for me in terms of blogging & getting other bits done. This served me well for about 4 years but lately it is starting to slow down, crash and just not respond as much as it has in previous years. I actually bought this laptop thanks to its colour, I loved the blue and white scheme and to be honest all these years later I still do.

As I take my laptop to work with me so I can blog on my lunchtime I wanted a lightweight laptop so I could carry it too and from work easily but to be honest this isn't actually this light and I struggle to have a variety of items in my bag when I take this with me.

I can't knock this laptop on battery life as it can last me a full day of me working on blog posts & switching between social media channels so in that sense it is really good for on the go. After Christmas I took this on a long journey with us and it lasted me the day and I managed to get plenty done in that time.

As you can see I don't exactly have much installed on the laptop, other than Chrome & the Microsoft programmes there is nothing else on here but the laptop is constantly telling me it can't update due to lack of space or install anything else due to lack of space which is starting to drive me mad.

Granted this laptop is OK for the basics if I don't have to rush out anywhere because by the time something has loaded it could be time for me to go out or do something else but fingers crossed this wont be my blogging laptop for much longer as I have my eye on an upgrade. This has served me well for 5 years though, it is just time to move on.

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