Titanfall 2 Campaign : Xbox One

One of the games I wanted to get around to playing this year was Titanfall 2 and for a change I have stuck to this and I have now finally rolled the credits on this one. This game only cost me £10 and to be completely honest with you I didn't think I would be too keen on it, but I thought for that price I may as well pick it up and give it a go. I am so glad I did as I am enjoying it more than I enjoyed Call of Duty : Modern Warfare as I just find it so different to any game I would usually play but then again that is probably because my most played game in the past 2 years is FIFA.

For the £10 price tag this game is definitely great value for money, there are plenty of challenges that you come across on the missions and I have found that even though I die far too many times I still find myself enjoying playing the game, which can't be said for other games that I have played in the past. I have seen somewhere online that the campaign should take around 10 hours to complete and to be honest I put in 4/5 hours to complete the campaign and receive a 480/1000 gamerscore which to be honest isn't that bad at all especially as this wasn't actually done in all one sitting.  I have found that this game is so easy to just to jump in and out of whenever I feel like it, I could probably have done this game with a complete gamerscore in the 10 hours if I just tried to do it in 1 or 2 sittings and actually aimed for the achievements but I prefer having a game I can just head in and out of when I have time or are in the mood to play something other than my usual FIFA. There is plenty to keep you on your toes in the game too, you never know what is coming to attack you next.  Plus the game includes wall running which I am absolutely rubbish at but it is so fun, if I found more games with this feature I would definitely be picking them up straight away as it is great, with the ghost runner too it gives you a clue of where to go but if you don't want to have a clue on where to go and want to do it yourself then you don't have to activate the ghost runner but it is certainly great to have the option. I definitely progressed my wall running skill throughout the game as I noticed I was definitely better and better at it. 

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The graphics are great on this game too and where I found Call of Duty that often the game got far too dark on the screen, this hasn't been an issue at all for me when playing this game. I can even play for a lot longer without my glasses as I don't need to strain my eyes to focus on any aspects like I normally do. Even when the text comes up for the options when you are chatting to BT I don't need to strain my eyes either as the text is easy to read against the background and is a decent size making it better for my eyes too.

Similarly I found following instructions on this game so much easier as the sound was much clearer due to it being on a par/ a bit louder than the background noise. It has been so much better to play this game and not have to worry about missing something due to the sounds being so quite. It has also been great to play a game without having to wear my headset or have the TV turned up stupidly loud.

If you haven't already given this game a go I would recommend picking a copy up especially as you can get it pretty cheap these days, it is a nice quick and fun game to play and as I say you can jump in and out of it without having to worry about forgetting what you are meant to be doing. The controls are simple, so you don't have to worry about forgetting those either. I actually think this game might be one I end up going back to and trying to go for the remaining achievements if I wanted to get that 1000/1000. 

Publisher : EA
Developer : Respawn Entertainment 
Available ON : PC, Xbox One, PS4

So that is game two from the backlog completed this year, it is time to make a start on ticking off number 3 but what could it be? Keep checking back to see what game I try to complete next. 

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