My Current Favourtie Tech YouTubers

During these past few months I have spent a lot of time at my PC blogging away and thanks to my second screen whilst I am blogging on one screen I can have YouTube on the other. I have definitely spent a lot more time on YouTube these past few months which has been great as I have had plenty of time to watch some old favourites but I have also managed to discover a lot more great accounts. 

I have found that lately there has been a shift in what I watch, before I would usually stick to fashion & game play content but now I am mainly watching tech content and there has been so many great videos created in that niche lately. I have noticed I tend to stick to the same sort of account but here are my current favourite tech YouTubers to watch...

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Karl Conrad 

I love Karl's channel as it covers a range of different videos, you get unboxing's, reviews,set up & room tours and comparisons. As soon I have see that Karl has uploaded a new video I will 9 times out of 10 watch it straight away. I think my favourite videos of his though are what's in my bag videos as it really does give me ideas on what I can take around with me for content creating on the go. 

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The Tech Chap

The Tech Chap is one of the new accounts I have come across. I discovered this channel thanks to the Macbook comparison video they posted. It was a great video which has actually helped me make a bit of progress on which Macbook I am actually going to pick. I actually enjoyed the videos so much that I subscribed straight away and spent far too many hours just watching video after video. 

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Tech Flow

Another channel I have watched for quite a while now is Tech Flow this is a channel I found from Alex's other channel & I have been hooked. There is a bit of all sorts on this channel but I particularly love the smart home tech videos as they really do give me ideas for things we could do to our house in the near future. The channel also has plenty of cheaper tech items featured so there are options for everyone to try instead of just constant expensive items. 

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Oliur is again a new discovery and I am so glad that I have found this channel as it is the perfect mixture of tech with the occasional lifestyle type of video thrown into the mix. I found this channel due to the working home products video but again I spent ages just watching other videos back to back. I am really looking forward to watching more videos from Oliur in the future.

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The Everyday Dad

Another lockdown find thanks to Macbook content. The Everyday Dad is a great channel for getting the information you are looking for. You can find out about the product see how it performs after that 1st initial opening, along with the best accessories to purchase for the product so you are making the most of it. Its not just laptops but there are camera videos and phone videos on the channel too so if you are looking to pick up a new camera or laptop this is the channel for you. I definitely look forward to new uploads from The Everyday Dad and again the channel is one that is helping me decide what Macbook is best for me.

So there you go those are my current favourite tech YouTubers to watch, can you recommend any others that are similar that I may like?

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