6 Months With The Apple Watch

I will be completely honest with you after a few weeks of wearing my Apple Watch I thought I would end up not getting much wear out of it as I do love wearing a good old fashioned watch but I have surprised myself as I actually think I am starting to prefer the Apple Watch over a standard watch just due to the features it has and the benefits it actually has for me.  Granted I will still wear my standard watches when I go to things like parties when I have to dress a little bit smarter but for an everyday watch I now head straight for my Apple Watch.

The watch holds charge really well, I probably wouldn't have to charge the watch for a few days due to how well it performs however, I keep the watch on my bedside table on charge over night just to be on the safe side, I don't want it to unexpectedly die on me. It is super handy keeping it where I do on a night as it means I don't forget to put it on in a morning as it is right at the side of me.

One big benefit of me having this watch is it is really helping me along with my fitness journey. It reminds me to stand up and move about if I have been sat down too long. Plus thanks to the activity watch face I am able to see just how many minutes I have been exercising for and how many calories I have burnt. Plus with the activity app I can even track how many steps I have done so I can really monitor my progress. Having this has definitely helped motivate me to keep going on my journey and makes me determined to tick all my goals so I am really glad I have this as I have definitely noticed a change in my attitude towards working out due to  having this.

The best part about this watch for me though is the fact that if I am out and about I don't have to keep taking my phone out of my pocket as my watch shows me a notification and I can decide if it is important enough to need attention or not. This is great for when I am at work or my desk blogging as I don't have to worry about having my phone out or not if I really don't need to. I have found that this has actually increased my productivity as I aren't constantly checking my phone every time it vibrates. Plus if I don't do anything with the notification on the watch I can go back to it later on in the day if it is something I need to reply to.

My nephew seems to love the watch too as when he sees me the first thing he does is looks at my wrist even if I have a jacket on he will try look up the sleeve to see if he can play with the watch, he seems to have so much fun just swiping between the faces. The good thing is that even though he plays with it there are no marks or damage done to the watch. From playing with it he can't do any damage which is great if you are around little kids who seem to be hooked on anything that lights up.

So there you have it those are my thoughts on the Apple Watch 6 months into using it, will my thoughts be the same by the end of the year? Who knows but be sure to keep an eye on the blog to see any progress or change in thoughts I have about this watch.

Have you had an Apple Watch or have you got one? What do you think to it?

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