Two Point Hospital 1st Impressions

Do you ever pick up on a game out of the blue thanks to social media, end up buying it and love it. Well that is what happened when I picked up Two Point Hospital for the Nintendo Switch. I had heard great things about the game from those who played it on the PC and I was very close to purchasing it on Steam but then when I heard it was coming to consoles I thought I would wait and I am so glad I did. I actually saved my Christmas money for this as I was due to go on a trip to Scotland in March but when that trip got cancelled I ended up just playing the game whilst lounging around. 

This is the perfect game for those lazy days when you just want something nice and simple to play which isn't going to take too much effort or going to require too much thinking. To be honest I haven't played this style of game in a long time, in fact I think that the last time I played a game similar to this was actually Thrillville on the PS2 & PSP. I absolutely loved Thrillville and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I love Two Point Hospital too. 

In the game you get to build your own hospitals so it can look exactly how you like and gain rewards. You also get to cure plenty of strange illnesses some which are so strange you most definitely heard of before. There is always chance to improve too as you train your staff, upgrade your machines and research new cures for those strange illnesses, you also get to grow across the Two Point County. 

I am currently just two hospitals into the game as I am taking it nice and slow trying to make my current hospitals as good as they can be before heading off to the next one. It does get quite addictive getting the design just right & you can very easily get lost focusing on one area of the hospital before moving onto the next thing. The game play so far isn't too challenging either as I can very easily just pick this game up and work away on it whilst watching YouTube videos or a Twitch stream without forgetting where I am on either of them. Plus if I want to have some time away and play something else I can always put this game down and move onto something but I will always remember where I am once I return to it which for me is pretty rare in a game as my memory is absolutely terrible.

One thing that has really surprised me with this game is how good the graphics look, I honestly thought it was going to be a more arcade style graphic game but the graphics look so crisp on the Switch and the colours work so well. Sometimes on games I struggle with the colours being too dark due to my eyesight but with this everything just seems so light at the moment and I can actually playing longer without my glasses on as I aren't straining my eyes too much although I should really wearing my glasses anyway.

Sometimes sound in a game is important however, with this one you can very easily have the sound turned off all together I have found as anything important just pops up on your screen, this is perfect because as I say I mainly play this game whilst also watching YouTube or Twitch meaning I can listen to what the YouTuber or Streamer is doing and keep glancing at the screen without missing anything important in my own game. Some times games like this can have sounds that are just fillers and are really annoying but even if I do play this with the sound on I don't get irritated and can have it on for a while without wanting to listen to anything else instead. 

I can see me definitely getting my money worth out of this game and going back to it pretty often with it just been so easy to jump in and out of. Plus I won't want to leave any hospitals trailing behind the others. There are plenty of different hospitals for you to tackle and if like me you are trying to get the hospitals as good as you cna before moving onto the next one then you are definitely going to have plenty of time with this game. For the price being £29.99 you are getting great value for your money and are bound to have fun. 

Have you played Two Point Hospital on console or PC yet? If so what do you think to it?

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