EA Play June 2020 : The Reveals & My Thoughts

June 18th 2020 saw the EA Play live event, the event that we should all have really being seeing at E3 however, thanks to the current climate we are in with the Coronavirus the E3 event didn't take place. I was looking forward to sit down and watch this event as EA are the publishers of my favourite game FIFA so I was hoping to see plenty of that and hopefully some other games that I may end up picking up in the next few years. So here is what was shown at the event...

The first game shown was Apex Legends which is a game I still haven't played yet however I know a few people who do play it and really enjoy it. Apex Legends are currently on their fifth season which has apparently had it's best start ever and they claim it is only going to get better. The Lost Treasure Collection event Favours Fortune is coming on June 23rd and to be honest coming from someone who has never played the game it does look good. However, the best part is coming to Steam and in the Fall it will be cross play compatible and also on the Nintendo Switch. 

We then saw a bit of the Sims, where they were talking about the diverse representation in the game which is certainly true as there is a character and life for everyone and it helps bring out that authentic you and boost your confidence as you can be anything you want to be. This just made me want to play The Sims again and I really think I am going to have to re-install it especially as they said there is more to come in the summer. The Sims 4 is also now available on Steam which is great news. 

Not only is The Sims coming to Steam there are plenty of other games coming to it too from EA and you just have to take a look at the Steam store page to see the variety available. With games like Titanfall 2, A Way Out & Dead Space 3 coming to steam getting access to brilliant titles has just got easier.  There will be a whole host of new games coming to Steam in the future as they are released as well as EA Access. In the next 12 months there will be 7 new games coming to the Nintendo Switch from EA and some are also going to be getting the cross play treatment.

Hazelight studios are going to be bringing out a new game in 2021 called It Takes Two, this is a co-op action adventure game which from the short trailer we saw looked quite good and sounded like something I could enjoy. Me and Liam don't really sit and play many games together but I think this one could be one we would enjoy. I will be looking into this game a bit more before it's release and who knows I may end up picking this one up for us. 

Zoink games are also in the progress of creating a new game which they say is a long way from launch but from the graphics we saw this game looks very strange but also really good. Apparently this game is a bit of a dark Gothic fairy tale which actually reminded me a bit of the Nightmare Before Christmas when I saw the trailer as it has those sort of dark graphics. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this game in the build up to it's release because as it stands this is a game I am definitely interested in. 

Final strike games are bringing out their first title on July 14th, this game is called Rocket Arena which is a rocket only shooter. From the trailer shown this game does looks good and it actually reminded me a bit of Overwatch with the graphics we saw. I aren't really a fan of multiplayer games but I gave Overwatch a shot and absolutely loved it so who knows I may give this one a go, there is plenty to do in this game too as each character has 100 levels of progression. The 1st season for this game will begin on July 28th which will bring even more to the game however, the game will support cross play from it's release and will be available on Steam, Origin, PS4 & Xbox.

Are you a Star Wars fan like me? Well you may want to take a look at Star Wars Squadrons. You know how I have said previously that I don't like driving games? Well games that involve flying are also on that list of games I aren't keen on but this may be an exception. I was worried that this would just be multiplayer however, this game actually starts out as a single player story where you create two pilots and alternate between the two. which is fantastic. This game looks really fun and like it has plenty to keep you occupied. I will definitely be keeping a close eye out for more details of this game before it's release on 2nd October, this is another game that is going to be cross play compatible. 

We also got a sneak peak at what FIFA 21 & Madden 21 are going to look like on the next gen consoles and it has made me even more determined to pick up these games for the PS5 or Xbox Series X. It was nice to see both footballs mixed together and the graphics look fantastic but what I am most excited for is hearing the P.T.F.C chant s a bit of an introduction to Providence Park being introduced into FIFA 21, as it is one of my favourite MLS & NWSL stadiums. 

Finally we heard how we are finally getting a new Skate game, granted we didn't see anything of the game as it is still along way from launch however, just knowing we can expect one is great as I loved playing skateboarding games growing up. This is a game I will certainly be keeping a close eye on until it is released. 

There was definitely a fair bit shown during EA Play Live however, I wish we could of seen more from FIFA as I want to know if there are any new features/ feature update coming. I am hoping that in the near future we will get some more details especially with the rumored release date of 6th/9th October. When we do get more information about FIFA I will do a full post about it so keep checking the blog for that. 

This event has just made me more excited for the rest of the year in terms of gaming and it has certainly made me more excited for the next gen consoles especially after seeing those FIFA 21 graphics as I can only image what other games are going to look like on the consoles too.

So that was EA Play Live what did you think to the event anything you wanted to see that wasn't shown? Or anything that stands out to you?

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