My Current Camera Gear

 When I got my new Canon camera at Christmas I actually realised I needed somewhere specific to store my camera's, lenses & accessories as I had a few more items than I expected in fact I was quite surprised how much I actually had thanks to the accessories for one of the cameras too. So here is the camera gear I currently have... 

 First up we have my first camera which I actually got out of the money from my 21st birthday, this is the Canon PowerShot SX410 IS. I got this as at that time it was the most reasonably priced camera and it is super small too. This camera is pretty heavy though even due to its small size and to be honest over time I haven't been too keen on the quality of images I have gained from this camera but its 20 mega Pixels and has a pretty good sized screen on the back and easy to use controls. It was great as a starter but I knew I wanted something better over time. Do you want a full post on this camera? Or maybe a comparison in the future? Just let me know.

Next up we have my Canon EOS 4000D which I wrote about earlier in the year. This camera has definitely helped me fall in love with photography and I no longer dread having to take blog pictures as this camera is great quality and is so easy to use even for a beginner like me. Switching between lenses is super easy and the controls are really easy to use. I have used this for taking images at a football game, in the garden and at the aquarium and it hasn't let me down.  It has a bit of weight to it but nothing too strenuous even when the lens is attached, plus it comes with a strap to make taking this out and getting it out of your hands for a bit nice and easy. I am so glad I picked this camera up as I was really debating if I would need it or not.

 I remember when I first started my football blog & Instagram I was certain I was going to do football drill video's / training segments so I picked up this Vibe 1080P HD Action Camera which came with an accessory kit as it was only £19.99 as compared to the costly Go Pro's. I thought I might as well give this a try before going out and spending a lot of money. But surprise surprise I put this in a drawer and totally forgot the plans I had for it. But now I have found all the bits for it and I am considering finally putting some videos together for my football blog and who knows I might use it for bits for on here & YouTube in the future too. I love how I have all the accessories on hand for any occasion too so I should easily have everything I need for it. Let me know if you would like a full post about this in the future.

 So everything is kept in this one drawer in my Alex drawers so I can easily pick up the items I need for the task at hand. It also stops me losing items which I have done in the past, I have even totally forgot about owning my action camera as I actually misplaced it.

I would love to add to this drawer as my love for photography grows so who knows there may be some additions coming soon especially with me now working on YouTube videos. What camera equipment do you have?

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