June 2020 New In

I did pretty well spending wise until it was approaching the end of the month. Then I ended up going to home bargains where I picked up a few geeky bits which for their prices I just couldn't leave behind. This lockdown is definitely helping me along with my savings goals although I wasn't leaving these items behind...

Home Bargains were selling some Funko Pops for just £2.99 and at that price I definitely wasn't going to be leaving them behind. It was difficult trying to look through the shelf without touching the Pop's I weren't going to buy but I think I have definitely picked up some great ones to add to the collection. First up we have the Halo Buck (ODST) Pop, granted I have still got to play Halo so don't even I don't even really know who he is but for £2.99 I thought he would be a great addition to the games room. We have got a few Star Wars Pop's already dotted around the games room however, we haven't got a Rey one yet so when I saw her sat on the shelf for £2.99 I wasn't leaving her behind plus she is glow in the dark. Next up we have this Goofy Monsters Inc Pop from Kingdom Hearts, I just love this one as it is definitely different to any others in my collection so far. the final Funko Pop that I picked up was this Aladdin Prince Ali one which I definitely wasn't leaving behind as Aladdin is definitely up there as one of my favourite Disney films. I just can't believe that these were £2.99 each.

Did I need more cups? Definitely not as the mug and glass cupboard is overflowing at the moment, it definitely needs a clear out but I wasn't going home without these two. This Call of Duty mug will be great for those gaming weekends or for when I am sat at my desk and fancy a hot drink for a change. For 99p I don't think you can go wrong with these. I also picked up this colour changing Gameboy glass for £1.99 as the design looks really good and I just absolutely love anything Gameboy related. 

Finally we have two soft toys from Build A Bear, I didn't actually buy these as they were a gift from Liam from his bonus but I absolutely love them. They both have a sound box in them which comes with 6 of the characters catch phrases which honestly is brilliant. The best part about these soft toys are how soft they are so I am sure the nephew is going to have great fun launching them about and cuddling them in the future, although he might be kept away from them for a while. 

I am still doing quite well with my spending and adding to my savings seen as I am aiming to purchase a Macbook in the next few months. Plus I am doing quite well with not buying any new games either as I am still making my way through my backlog although I am hoping to pick up a new game in July but you will have to see in next months post if that happens or not. 

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