Current Favourite Gaming YouTubers

Thanks to me spending a lot more time at home I have been able to spend a lot more time watching YouTube and I have been watching 90% of the videos that have arrived in my subscription box. There has been some fantastic videos created these past few months and I have rediscovered some old favourite creators of mine as well as discovering some new favourites. 

I have actually found myself watching a lot more gaming content once again instead of just sticking to the fashion & tech channels which I was doing at the start of the year. I think I have finally got back into the gaming channels as the right channels have come along and my loving for gaming is increasing once again thanks to lockdown. So just as I did for my favourite tech YouTuber's here are my current favourite gaming YouTuber's...

Joe's channel is one I discovered through Twitter quite a while ago and I have loved it ever since. Joe posts to YouTube as well as streaming on Twitch and creates some great content from a great selection of games. He is currently playing through Saints Row the Third Remastered and has also played other great games such as Moving Out, Sniper Elite 3 and Two Point Hospital. What I love about Joe's channel is he plays different games not just the big hitters. He is actually one of the reasons I picked up Two Point Hospital. You can check out Joe's channel here.

Dane's channel is one I discovered through Instagram, which I have found brilliant for discovering new content creators lately. Dane not only play's games on his channel but he also does vlogs & a few unboxing's. I love Dane's vlogs but my favourite videos are definitely his Minecraft ones as I still love the game and a lot of other creators seem to have started drifting away from the game in recent years. If like me you enjoy Minecraft and want to check out Dane's channel for yourself then click here.

Callum's channel is one that I discovered through my recommended channels from previous YouTuber's I had been watching. Callum is another YouTuber who plays a lot of Minecraft however, he does play a few other games in between. It is definitely a brilliant channel to watch as he often collaborates with other great Minecraft YouTuber's too so just like I did with Callum, you can also find other great channels to watch. To take a look at Callum's channel for yourself you can do so by clicking here.

I have watched the Sidemen channel for a while now however, I had never really watched any of the gaming video's they have created over on the More Sidemen channel. But throughout this lockdown I have been loving their gaming content especially the FIFA video's they have been creating. It is just typical Sidemen content with them having a laugh and just enjoying playing the games with each other. It is great to see the varying levels of skill in the game from each member too. You can go watch those FIFA video's and much more here.

Stephen is someone who I often chat too and he is a brilliant guy, he has helped me in the past with content I have made and is one of the most active people in my Discord server. Stephen's channel is great for content from a variety of games and I have particularly loved his Final Fantasy video's in the past, along side his recent Last of Us series. You can check out Stephen's channel here.

Rik is someone else who is very active in my Discord and he is brilliant to chat to and has a great Twitch & YouTube channel. I actually discovered Rik through Twitter at first then once he joined my Discord I discovered his YouTube properly. What I love about Rik's channel is that there is certainly a variety of content with games you don't often see such as Graveyard Keeper, Bard's tale and No Man's sky. I love when a creator plays different games and not just those that are going to gain them the most views. You can check out Rik's content by clicking here.

So those are the gaming YouTuber's I am currently loving can you recommend any other gaming YouTuber's to check out? I think the gaming content bug is around to stay for a long time this time.

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