June 2020 Favourites

Where has June gone? It seemed like I blinked and it is suddenly July. June was a bit of a mixed month as it meant I could see family members again but still couldn't do most things I would class as normal activities although the shops did start to reopen in June meaning we could go out if we really needed to. June has also been a bit of a mix for me as some days I have been really motivated but then that motivation has just been disappearing, I think that is down to the mixed weather we have been having too as one day it has been red hot and the other days it just hasn't stopped raining. So here are some of my favourites from June...

Film & TV


I am still hooked on YouTube and I can't see that changing any time soon. Throughout this whole lockdown situation my subscription box has been filled with some great content and I have been loving a variety of content. I have literally been watching anything whether they are challenges, fashion, gaming or tech videos. YouTube has really helped me through this whole situation and helped stop me going insane. 

Disney + 

Another thing that has got me through this lockdown is Disney+, I am so glad this platform came out just as the lockdown began as I am loving being able to catch up on all my childhood favourites alongside discovering new favourites. I have particularly been loving watching Recess and anything High School Musical related. 


Lucy Spraggan 

I have listened to Lucy Spraggan so many times throughout June, I literally just put her albums on shuffle and have them on in the background when I am blogging or working out it has been great. Lucy has new music coming out soon which I really can't wait for because if it is like anything else she has released it is going to be great. 

Tegan and Sara

 If you have followed this blog for a while you will know just how much I love Tegan & Sara and how many years I have listened to their music. Well that certainly hasn't changed and I still love them as much as I have in previous years. These are another artist that I just put on shuffle on Spotify and have on in the background whilst I blog etc. I could easily listen to Tegan & Sara all day everyday if it came to it. 


Lenovo Yogabook 

The item of tech that I have loved throughout June is my Lenovo Yogabook that my dad gave to me. I have been loving this for having my workouts displayed, browsing social media & browsing the internet. This is the perfect device for just lounging around with as it is so small and portable. There is also minimal glare when I use this outside so it has been great for the warmer weather.  


Titanfall 2 

Titanfall 2 is definitely my favourite game from June and I have now completed the campaign for this. This game was so enjoyable and I actually preferred it over Call of Duty which I really didn't think would happen. I actually dragged this out quite a bit as I didn't want it to end but I guess now it onto the next one. 

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of June. What have you been loving throughout the month?

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