Macbook Accessory Wish List : What I am Hoping To Pick Up

As I have mentioned on here quite a few times over this year, I am really hoping to have my first Macbook by the end of this year and I am getting closer and closer to finally being able to go make that purchase. So over the past few months as I have been getting closer to purchasing my Macbook I have been doing a bit of research on what accessories I should be looking at purchasing too. Most of my research has come from YouTube videos and online articles plus browsing online sites such as Amazon & PC World, it has actually surprised me just how much of a list I have made for things I want to pick up for the Macbook that is going to benefit me when using it. I genuinely thought there would just be a couple of items but after doing that research I have realised what is going to be useful for me to make the most out of the Macbook, there is no point having the Macbook if I aren't going to get every little benefit out of the device if that was the case I may as well just stick to my super slow HP Stream. So here are some of the items I will be purchasing to make the most out of my Macbook...

Apple AirPods
The Apple AirPods have been on my wish list for a very long time now and honestly I just need to make the jump and finally purchase a pair. The AirPods will be fantastic for when I am using the laptop whilst I am out and about as I can still listen to my own things without having to worry about disturbing other people, plus thanks to them being wireless I don't have to worry about wires getting tangled for a change. 
Case / Sleeve
I am definitely leaning more towards picking up a laptop sleeve/small case for this device so it is well protected when I take it out and about in my backpack. This laptop is going to be in and out of my backpack most days so I don't want it getting scratched or dented so I really want to look after it. I think a sleeve or a nice thin case is going to be the best for me so it doesn't take up too much space in my backpack but still stays nice and protected. I have been looking at skins and hard shell cases but to be honest I don't think they are for me.

Accessory case
As you are going to see in the rest of this post there are quite a few accessories I am hoping to pick up, now you see I have a bit of a track history of losing things too easily so a case to store all my accessories is the perfect option for me. By picking up one of these cases I can easily store all these items listed below and any extra items I might need all in one place. I can just put this case in my backpack and have everything I need with me at all times so no more forgetting things. 
USB-C hub
This is an important thing for me when it come to an accessory for the Macbook, due to the device having a lack of ports and no memory card slot a hub is ideal for me. If I need to upload an image from my camera to my Macbook I am going to need a memory card slot so if I get a hub I just need to plug my memory card into the hub then the hub into the Macbook. Plus extra ports are always going to be handy because you just don't know when you are going to need them. There are plenty of options for hubs out there so now I just need to sit and find which one is going to be best for me. 

External hard drive/SSD
Another important component I have overlooked in past years is an external hard drive or SSD but now I am wanting to take my content to another level & work on new things to go alongside the blog I am really going to have to pick one of these up. I am looking at getting an external hard drive just to store files and back ups of files on when a project is completed so it doesn't use all my devices storage for once. An SSD will be perfect for when I finally start my YouTube & editing my content and images for the blog as it is going to be faster to work off and should really help me out in the long run.

Sometimes I just don't enjoy using the track pad on any laptop and I would much rather use a mouse as I feel I work more efficiently that way.  I have got my eye on a few different wireless mice that I need to narrow down to just one. A wireless mouse can be really reasonably priced and there really are so many great options out there however, I really am leaning towards a Logitech one as for some reason they are a brand I keep going back to look at. .

Power bank
You can get some really powerful power banks these days and they can be powerful enough to power my Macbook if needed. A power bank would be perfect for me as if I am using this in the car on long journey or on a train as I plan to in the future I don't have to worry about my device dying as I can use the power bank instead of having to hunt for sockets, it just means I can do so much more whilst on the go. 

Desktop stand
This is one of those items for the future especially if I ever hit the goal of having my own office. At the moment I don't have anywhere for this to go but I am looking at making space for one just so the Macbook has a home and isn't just dumped around the house. Plus if I ever had an office this would be perfect for storage when I aren't using it or when I am using it hooked up to a monitor. 

USB-C to SD adapter
This is just another option for if I don't want to use a hub at any point. If I simply just need to transfer images from my memory card to my Macbook I can just use an SD adapter which won't be as bulky as a hub and is just a simple plug in device. 

USB-C wall charger 
This is an item I wasn't 100% about but I am swaying more towards. You can get wall chargers with multiple slots in for different devices so this would be great if I went away and was staying over anywhere as I could just take the one wall adapter and charge multiple devices from one socket so I wouldn't need to carry around numerous charging bricks. 

USB-C to USB cable
My dad currently has a mini bus style of vehicle so the family can go out together and one of the perks of this is there are a lot of USB slots throughout the back of the vehicle. So I would love to pick up one of these cable to see if I could charge the Macbook through the minibus plus I am sure that I could find plenty of other uses for it too.  

I will be picking some of these items up just before I purchase my Macbook so I have them ready and waiting to go but some of these items I will probably just wait a little bit to see if I will benefit from them or not but no doubt over time I will definitely end up purchasing at least 90% of this list and probably end up finding more accessories that will help me make the most of my device. Do you have a Macbook? Let me know what accessories you use. 

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