Anker Wireless Phone Charger : The Perfect Desk Companion

Since lockdown started I have spent a lot of time at my PC desk in the games room, this is because it is where I do all my blogging from. At the beginning of the lockdown I started just moving my iPhone charger from the games room to the bedroom everyday but then Liam ordered us both an Anker charger and WOW I am so glad he did as it has made life so much easier, no more messing with cables I can simply put my phone on the charger and even see notifications as they come through.

The Anker phone charger is one of the best purchases of the year in my opinion as it has actually helped me stay a bit more productive. With it meaning my phone is basically stood up next to my monitor I can just quickly glance as a notification comes through to see if it is important or if it can wait. Plus it means I am no longer missing calls which I seem to do so often as I have my phone on silent 99% of the time just to limit distractions. 

The charger is really sturdy too with some chargers like this a simple knock might end up with your phone on the floor but I have knocked my desk and the charger so many times and it has stayed where it is, which is definitely a huge advantage for someone as clumsy as me as I am forever knocking things over.  

The charger doesn't take up much desk space either which if you have seen my set up before you will know space is an issue so the fact this can just be tucked away to the side and not be in my way is perfect. There is plenty of space left for other things I need on my desk too so I don't have to keep moving it around when I want to use a notebook etc. Plus sometimes I don't even need my notebook as I can always use my phone notes as a 3rd screen due to where it is placed.

There are no masses of wires for this charger either, just one simple USB connection into my computer means that the wire can remain hidden and out of my way. With most of my set up currently being wired I didn't really want to add another wire to get tangled and in the way however, with how small it is it gets tucked away nicely and there isn't too much excess wire even though it does have great reach. Plus the fact it is just one simple USB connection I can easily disconnect it and take it to work and on the go with me if I wanted to. I believe Liam picked up a pack of 2 of these chargers for £29.99 so it is definitely worth the purchase and I would happily recommend this charger to others and repurchase them myself if needed. 

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