Minecraft On The Switch... Is it Any Good


If you have read this blog for a while now you will know I love Minecraft, in fact I love it that much I have it on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Phone & laptop so when I got my Switch I knew I needed to pick a copy up for that too. I held off picking up for a while but earlier this year I picked a copy up ready for a long trip to Scotland which unfortunately got cancelled. 

So with no trips coming up I thought it was time to finally get the game installed and give it a go even if it was just a case of playing it in the house or garden. To be honest the main reason I got the game is because I wanted something to play on the go and Minecraft on the iPad just wasn't cutting it anymore. The graphics on the game actually surprised me as it is actually really good quality even in handheld mode. 

The perfect thing about the game is you can play it absolutely anywhere thanks to the Switch being a handheld console. If Liam wants to play on a console he can do as I can sit and play Minecraft in any other room in the house, but then again if I want to play it on the TV I can easily do so by just docking the Switch. 

The only thing that annoys me about Minecraft on the Switch is that this is the only game where I have noticed my joy cons drifting, up until I played this I thought we had been lucky with our console but this game really made it noticeable. When mining I just realised that it wasn't even going in a straight line and was drifting off to the left so it was mining bits I didn't want to mine. 

If you compare the experience of the game to other consoles I think it definitely beats the iPad version as for me I just couldn't get into that version and to be honest I think I actually prefer playing on the Switch instead of the Xbox or PS4 as I can take my world on the go with me if I like plus I don't have to be in one spot to play it. To me there is no other difference in the versions of the game other than the fact I can take it on the go with ease and play it anyway. There is no big difference in the controls compared to other consoles so switching between the consoles doesn't make that much difference and it is easy to switch. There doesn't seem to be any noticeable difference in the graphics between the consoles and the Switch in handheld mode either to me so no matter what I am playing on I feel as though I am getting the same quality across all platforms , I love not having worry about a lack of quality if I am wanting to play in handheld. 

We have a camping trip coming up this weekend and I will definitely be taking this with me to play on the journey there and back as well as on a night in the tent. For £24.99 you are definitely getting a great game that is perfect for relaxing or just passing time by playing the game in either handheld mode or on the TV if you wish. I think Minecraft is one of those games I am always going to pick up as I just find it so enjoyable and it is such a reasonably priced game. 

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