Current Favourite Tech Instagram Accounts

A few weeks ago I posted my current favourite gaming Instagram accounts, well this week it is time for my current favourite tech Instagram accounts. Not only do I love gaming but I also love the tech & gadget side of things and my love for that side is just growing and growing recently. It is brilliant just scrolling down my Instagram feed getting a mix of the things I love, both gaming & tech related. I honestly think that it is due to a mixture of the great creators on Instagram & YouTube that my love for tech is growing and I can honestly only see it growing more and more due to the fantastic content I am currently discovering. So here are some of my current favourite Instagram accounts that post plenty of great tech content. 


You will have seen me mention The Tech Chap in my favourite YouTuber's post and he carries on with the great content over on his Instagram page. Each image is great quality, gives you a great shot of what he is talking about and makes the product really stand out. You also get to see a little bit of the behind the scenes of when he has been filming every now and then which is great. Maybe one day I can get some shots that look as great as his. You can find TheTechChap on Instagram by clicking here.



Canoopsy is someone else I discovered on YouTube but I ended up enjoying his content so much I have also followed him on Instagram too and his account hasn't disappointed. With a mix of lifestyle, product shots & set up shots there is always something great that will catch your eye. Granted Canoopsy doesn't upload as frequently as others on Instagram but the quality of the shots he does post are fantastic and are really high quality where you can see just how much effort has gone into the posts he creates. You can check out Canoopsy for yourself by clicking here.


iJustine is another creator that I started watching on YouTube but followed on Instagram straight away. Again Justine's account has a bit of lifestyle mixed in however, they are fantastic shots and I have actually looked into some products she has taken images of and talked about on her Instagram as she sways me towards potentially purchasing those items. You can just tell by her images she definitely has fun taking the shots and lets her creativity run free with them. Check out iJustine on Instagram by clicking here


Marques Brownlee

Unlike with the other accounts mentioned it was actually Instagram that made me discover Marques on YouTube. I absolutely love his Instagram and have done for a long time, the shots he takes are great and really showcase the products he is talking about plus you get a little behind the scenes look every now and again. You don't just get boring shots over and over like I feel my grid is, you can really see how creative he gets with his images and how he takes time in setting up each shot. Just click here to check out Marques' account for yourself. 


Haylsworld is a very new account that I have discovered and love already. Her shots again are absolutely fantastic and really highlight what she is talking about. I know that this is an account I am always going to check before making a purchase if it is on the grid so I can check out any possible YouTube video before making a decision about the item in question. The whole Instagram feed is just so light and inviting I can see it being a favourite of mine for a while. To check out Haylsworld on Instagram just click here

So there you have it those are my current favourite tech Instagram accounts, do you like any of these accounts or are they new ones for you to check out? If you can recommend any other tech accounts you think I might enjoy please let me know as I am always on the lookout for new accounts to follow that fit in with what I really enjoy. 

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