Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition : Nintendo Switch

I love the NFL and to be honest I used to buy the games most years however, the past few years I just haven't bothered picking up the Madden games as I just haven't been as tempted for it as I have previously. However when I saw Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition for under £20 in my local game store I though it was time to finally pick up a new American Football game and I am so glad I did. 

The game is basically Madden but with monsters such as Orc's as your players which add more of a fun element to the game and takes it on a different angle. The game is brutal with different obstacles on the field during the playing field such as land mines and spikes, plus when you get tackled it is 90% of the time a big hit with the controller vibrating to emphasis the hit and you can even see the blood coming off your character after tackles. You even get little mini games at half time during your season which you can play through or skip if you prefer, I played one but to be honest I just wanted to get on my game so I skipped the rest. I love that it gives you the option of skipping if you wish as it just means I still get to do as I wish but can have a change if I fancy it. 

I played the story style mode where you pick a franchise and try to take it as far as you can with some objectives thrown in for you to aim for. Before you get going in the game you can do a training camp where it will show you the basics of the game and you can get to grips with the controls and just how to play the game in general. My only issue I really had with the game was long loading times, I just seemed to be sat around waiting for something to happen for so long but then once it got going I absolutely loved it, I would have loved shorter load times though.

With a price point of under £20 I wasn't expecting world beating graphics however, I am quite surprised with how good they actually are. It all just flows nicely there wasn't any drops in quality even when I was sat waiting for the load time, it is definitely fantastic to see such good quality graphics for such a reasonably priced game. 

Control wise the game is so easy to learn, after just 5 minutes in the training academy I was ready to get started on the game. The controls are very similar to Madden in how you play the game by picking what move you want to make and where your pass is going to go. In fact throughout playing this I really did just feel like I was playing Madden but with fantasy characters instead of the real players. It warns you at the start of each game what hazards you are going to face so you are well prepared and it is fantastic to see what you are going to come up against. I particularly enjoy facing the spikes as you have to get your timing just right whether it is for where a pass is going to go or where you are running too. 

You can set the game lengths to anything you want so if you just want a quick few games you simply have to drop the time to 1 minute a quarter or you can up it if you want to have a longer game for a change. Personally I have it set to 2 minutes a quarter just so I can play without getting too fed up and can get more games played as I have been short on time recently. Hopefully as I do eventually get more time available those game times are going to increase as I do enjoy the game. 

In terms of replay ability it is definitely a game I am going to keep going back to. As it is on the Switch I can play it anyway in the car or anywhere in the house, which is definitely going to help it become one of my go to games as it is just going to be so easy to dip in and out of.  

If you are on the look out for a new Nintendo Switch game or something along the lines of Madden at a fraction of the cost as it is definitely so similar and just as good if not a little better than the Madden series as it just something a little different. Will I be picking up the new Madden? I aren't too sure yet but for now I will stick to Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition. 

If you do play this game or already have played it definitely let me know what you think to it. 

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