What I got for my birthday 2020

Well 25 absolutely flew by and last week I celebrated my 26th birthday, I am slow getting closer to that 30 mark. I was well and truly spoilt by my family and I am so grateful for every gift I received today's post is going to be looking at the geeky/gaming related gifts I received but if you want to see all the gifts I got then head to www.thenortherngirl.co.uk. It makes a change having quite a few gaming & geeky related items as normally my family tend to stay away from that side of things. 

So to kick things off my grandparents gave me £50 and my auntie & uncle gave me £20 so that £70 is going towards either the PS5 or Xbox Series X which gives me a nice kick start into purchasing one of them.

My love for Harry Potter hasn't really changed over the years and you can't beat a good bath bomb so my parents got me some Harry Potter bath bombs, I am really looking forward to using these let's just hope they don't stain the bath.

My parents also got me this super soft and comfortable Harry Potter dressing gown. To be honest their reasoning wasn't due to it being Harry Potter but actually due to it being in the Bradford City colours. This is going to be perfect for those autumn nights in the games room. 

During lockdown my grandparents gave me a few jigsaws (didn't get around to doing them) so my sister and nephew got me this Toy Story one which to be honest looks like it going to stress me out but I actually can't wait to do. This is going to be great for when I want to step away from the laptop/TV for a while.

My auntie and Uncle got me a couple of new water bottles. I am trying to up my water intake during the days so these are going to be perfect to take out and about with me whether I am going to work or just on a day out. Who knows they might end up at the gym with me too. 

They also got me this PlayStation duvet cover which is going straight into the games room. We always have a spare duvet in the games room so this cover fits the theme perfectly. Again I can't wait for the colder nights to start rolling in so I can get wrapped up in this while gaming away. 

To go with the duvet they also got me these 2 cushions which are going to stop the sofa bed looking so bare at long last. I love how each side has a different design so I can mix them up or have them matching if I like. They are nice and comfortable too so are going to be perfect for those longer gaming sessions. 

Finally Liam got me a copy of Destroy All Humans on the PS4. When we were out shopping on my actual birthday he recommended this game to me so I asked him if I could have that as a gift and he said yes. I am actually really looking forward to playing this as he says it is right up my street and I should enjoy it. Safe to say this game isn't going to be just sat in my backlog like others .

So there you have it those are all the geeky and gaming related items I received for my birthday from my family and I am so grateful for every single one. They are all definitely useful and are going to have plenty of use out of them. What would be your favourite off this list?

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