Recent Achievements & Trophies We Have Picked Up #3

 It is that time again where we round up the achievements & trophies me and Liam have picked up since the last achievements post. This time around there is less of a variety of games however, I think we have actually managed to unlock a few more trophies than previous. It seems like since the last post there has been a bit of a trend of us both just sticking with the PS4. We seem to be seriously neglecting the XBOX lately but here are the trophies we have picked up lately...


Liam has got back into FIFA lately where as I have been giving it a miss for a change to focus on other games. I honesty thought we already had these two trophies but I was wrong there. So now we have the 'Going down in history' & 'Sharpshooter' trophies, between us we have definitely unlocked quite a few FIFA trophies now but FIFA 21 really needs to hurry up. 


Liam has jumped back into Outerworlds lately and he managed to unlock the 'Flawed Hero' trophy. It has surprised me lately though as I honestly thought he might have picked up a few more trophies for this as he has been playing a lot of this and taking his time with it. 

Spider - Man 

Between us both we have really powered through Spider-Man on the PS4 and it has been a really enjoyable experience for us both. It has surprised me with how many trophies we have unlocked between us so far and honestly I think there is going to be even more unlocked in the next post as we are both doing a lot within the game. 

So there you have it those are our recent trophies, fingers crossed next time I am posting this one there will be some XBOX achievements thrown into the mix but for now we are both just enjoying the PS4. What achievement have you picked up recently that you are most proud of? 

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