The Most Recent PS5 Event... My Thoughts


On the 16th September we were treated to another PlayStation event which finally revealed the price of the consoles along with the release date at long last. 

The event kicked off with Final Fantasy XVI which once again is coming from Square Enix. To be honest I have never played a Final Fantasy game and I don't really see me playing one any time soon but honestly it did look like something Liam would probably enjoy playing. 

Then we were treated to a bit of game play from Spider-Man : Mile Morales which I really can't wait for as I have loved playing Spider-Man on the PS4 and Miles Morales just looks absolutely fantastic. The game play definitely sold me even more on this game and I think it might just be game I am most looking forward to. 

We were also treated to a look at the new game from Warner Bro's games... Hogwarts Legacy which looks absolutely fantastic. According to what we were shown your choices define your legacy in the game which definitely made me even more intrigued. I am a huge Harry Potter fan so I am really looking forward to playing this as it means I finally get to go to Hogwarts.

We also got a closer look at Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War which to be honest I wasn't too bothered about at first however, after seeing a bit more from this event I will definitely be looking into this a bit more as it does look like a good game. We were treated to a look at the first campaign mission and I have to say as someone who only plays Campaign it looks fantastic. 

We saw a bit more of Resident Evil Village too which again is far too creepy for me but does look great for anyone who is a fan of the franchise. 

One game we saw more of that has definitely got me more interested in the game is Deathloop that game just looks fantastic. It really does give me John Wick vibes but seeing a bit of the game play has made me very tempted to put it down on the list of games I want to buy as soon as they are released. 

I have never played a Devil May Cry game however, after seeing Devil May Cry 5 being shown I am actually very tempted to give the game a go. This game will be available at launch which is a good move in my opinion and I think we may just end up picking it up.

We also got a bit of a look at Oddworld Soulstorm which again looks like a great fun game. I haven't played an Oddworld game in the past either but I think the PS5 generation might be a chance to give it a go. 

There was also a quick look at Five Nights At Freddy's which I will definitely be skipping as I have had some bad experiences with the game on PC in the past, I certainly don't need to ever play the game again, unless you would possibly enjoy seeing it in a future YouTube video? 

Demon Souls is on it's way to PS5 and I think this could very easily be a game Liam ends up purchasing. Personally I would love to pick up a copy of this game but I know I would end up getting far too frustrated with it. 

Of course we got the obligatory showing off Fortnite too so all those fans out there will be impressed but for me I still haven't played the game and honestly don't think I will play it anytime soon.

For the PS+ subscribers there is going to be the PS Plus Collection with some of the PS4 blockbuster games available at no extra cost. I won't go into this too much though as I will be doing a full post on it very soon so keep checking back for that. 

Then we were onto what we were all waiting for the price which was a very pleasant surprise as I was still waiting for a price point of around £550 but the console is coming in at £449.99 with the digital edition being £359.99 which is quite a bit under what I expected and a very pleasant surprise. Plus we finally got a release date of 19th November here in the UK which is just 9 days after the Xbox release. 

Just to finish off the show we got a quick glimpse of God of War 2 which is coming in 2021, I still need to play the first one but I can't wait to play both the games in the near future

So there you have it we finally got the price & release date but there was a bit of an issue with how pre-orders took place with many missing out just down to lack of preparation and announcements. We were lucky enough to get our self a preorder (if it all goes to plan on Amazon) did you manage to get the console which you want? I can't wait for 19th November.

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