Xbox or PS5 as it gets nearer

Next gen consoles are getting closer and closer, me and Liam have been sat discussing which console we are going to be getting and if it came to it which one we would prefer to get first if we didn't have enough money put to one side before the releases of the consoles, whenever they might be.

 The PS4 and Xbox have been great consoles for me since I joined the current gen of consoles, they have provided plenty of entertainment and the line up of games has been pretty fantastic. If I was just going to buy a new console based on what I have played this gen then I would definitely be buying just the PS5 as the PS4 games that have been brought out these past few years have just been fantastic. Spider-Man has absolutely killed it then you have the gem that is Detroit : Become Human then you have other fantastic releases that I am yet to pick up and play, compared to the line up of games on the Xbox One that are exclusives you have a much wider variety on the PS4. Therefore if it carries on that way in terms of games releases and Sony & Microsoft release exclusives like they have in this gen PS5 would certainly come out on top. Granted the Xbox has got the better specs console wise but what is the point in having the specs if you aren't going to have the games to make the most of them with? For me Microsoft are really going to have to up their exclusive releases as the Xbox One gen just hasn't lived up to what I personally expected.

So far we have had a few events from both Sony & Microsoft, which I have covered a few of on here if you want to go back and read those. To be honest again it is Sony that has impressed me the most all though Microsoft have had a few games that have caught my eye. I aren't sure why but the Sony events have gripped me and hyped me up for the next gen where as in the Microsoft showcase the majority of the time I have just been like 'I would rather have that on PlayStation' or 'I would be happy to buy that if it reduced in price'. I am just hoping if Microsoft do another event before the Series X release they announce something brilliant that is going to make me think 'yeah I need that'. 

In terms of games coming to next gen I was actually really looking forward to jumping straight into the Halo franchise but that has now been delayed to 2021, which has made me wonder if it is worth picking the Series X console up straight away? Then we have Fable which Liam is looking forward to playing. I think the game I am most looking forward to so far on the Series X is Madden 21, as I haven't had a Madden game in so long and from the trailers it looks great. But it is a totally different story with the PS5 as there are so many games I want to look into more and then there are some games I know I will definitely be picking up. After playing Spider-Man on the PS4 I will certainly be picking up Spider-Man : Miles Morales because the game looks just as good as Spider-Man. Plus then you have Sackboy's Big Adventure which I am really excited for as I have always loved the Little Big Planet games. Obviously these are just a few games that I am looking forward to and who knows we might get some surprises around the release of the Consoles but for now once again it is Sony that is winning the race for me. 

So for now if it came down to just picking up one of these consoles, just for the game news we have had I have pre-ordered the PS5 as I personally  feel I will be getting more for my money  as there are just more games that appeal to me. For what I have seen from Microsoft so far I could miss out on some of the games they have announced as most of them are coming to the PS5 too anyway. If factors (will touch on them shortly) do work in our favour though and we can pick up both consoles then we definitely will do as I know that down the line there will be games coming to the Xbox Series X that we are both interested in. 

So in terms of those factors that buying both consoles will depend on, there are a few things that could come into play that will mean we get both on release date or have to wait. Obviously the first factor is price, as the consoles are reasonably priced then we might be able to save enough up in that time frame to purchase both, if not we might just have to pick up the PS5 and wait a bit for the Xbox. Another factor is availability, we haven't been able to preorder both the consoles, who knows if they are going to sell out or not in the current climate but we may try just get the Xbox as close to release day if stores do have extra stock available? It might be a case of preordering one console and playing the waiting game for the other. Then we have the fact that what if an unexpected emergency job needs doing in the house, we aren't going to clear out our savings for the consoles so we need to make sure we have back up for jobs around the house. I actually have a few bits I want to get done around the house that is going to involve spending (some bits on the games room too) so I aren't going to neglect those just so I can get a console sooner. But who knows if we do struggle to get the Xbox as expected we might be able to get them as a Christmas present to cut back on costs too. 

In terms of what the new console releases are going to mean for the blog, well they are already starting to benefit the content I write on here. Instead of going out shopping and buying things I don't need all the time, I am staying in more which means I am playing through my backlog and have more time to work on content for you all. But when the next gen is released you can expect plenty more content, reviews, unboxings & hauls of things like new games and accessories, plus who knows that YouTube channel might be up and running soon. 

What are your thoughts on the next gen consoles? Which will you be picking up? Have any of them impressed you more than others? Let us know. We know that in the current climate some people may have to wait a little longer than expected to be able to pick up their preferred console and I think sales for the initial release could take a bit of a hit but I am certainly excited to see what next gen holds for us. 

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