September Game Challenge : The Results


Well September has ended which means the September games challenge has also come to an end. So out of the 10 games I challenged myself to finish I managed to complete... 1. I had such high hopes for this challenge but unfortunately it seems September wanted to become a busy month where pre covid life started to return a little bit. 

I thought I would have a lot more free time in September but I ended up returning to work 2 days a week and those other 3 days were spent with my nephew as I am trying to make the most of my time with him. Then it was my birthday, those three days I had with Liam ended up being spent doing jobs around the house with just a little bit of gaming thrown into the mix. I also ended up spending a lot more of my nights writing blog posts for all 3 of my blogs but the good thing is for one of those blogs I now nearly have the full years content written which will free up a lot of time for my in the near future.

In September I also ended up getting sent a game to review which my focus ended up going onto which you will see on the blog very soon. I even ended up spending a lot of time working out in September or being too wiped out to do anything else, I wish I could you the time where I am wiped out to game but I just can't focus when I am in those moods so nothing is really possible.

Maybe those 10 games were a long shot but I think if I really put my time into it I could have completed 5 or maybe 6 games. If I do this challenge again I would definitely make sure I split my time up a lot better so that I aren't just blogging or working out every night. I find lately playing games is really helping me just switch off and relax so I definitely need to try add more gaming time into my routine. 

Maybe I wouldn't start the challenge with such a big game like Spider-Man either as I think if I played some shorter games first I would have stuck it out longer and loved ticking off those games. Spider-Man certainly was a fantastic game though and you can read my review of it here which made not getting through many games at all a bit more bearable thanks to the quality of the one played. 

At least if I do this challenge again I can go into it in a period that isn't so busy & also go into it with a bit of knowledge not to aim too high in the games to complete. I really did think September was going to be a lot more relaxed than it actually was but I guess these days you just never know when things could change. 

I definitely want to try this challenge again in the near future as the cold nights draw in and content has been planned in advanced. As it stands December could be a good shout at trying this,  or even November? Which ever option I end up choosing I will be sure to let you know on Twitter & Instagram. How many games did you complete in September?

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