Games I Want To Purchase In The Near Future

 I have been slacking on buying games recently mainly due to me having my 3 completed to buy new rule however, there have been some brilliant games either released or announced which really makes me want to get through my backlog that bit quicker. Whilst this rule certainly has saved me money in the long run it has meant I have missed out on some big titles at release but then again it has also meant that I can pick them up when their price drops a bit more giving me more value for my money. As I say I haven't really purchased many new games this year but here are the games I really want to pick up soon...


I have mentioned the Avengers game on here quite a few times but after reading and watching initial reviews I have waited until it drops in price a bit. Although the game does seem great I don't want to spend a lot on a game that is over and done in no time. I do love the Avengers though so this is going to be a pick up for sure. 

Cyberpunk 2077 

I was originally going to preorder this game just down to Keanu Reeves but I am glad I didn't as I will now just pick up a copy for the PS5 or Xbox Series X. There has been plenty of delays for this game so I really hope it is worth the wait. I haven't decided yet if this is going to be the first game I get for next generation or if I wait a little bit. 

Mafia Definitive Edition

I have never played a Mafia game before but the definitive edition is really tempting me. The price for this game isn't too bad either with Game selling it for £34.99, I might wait to see if it ends up in the sale but this will definitely be a purchase I make as I have only heard good things about it. 

Assassins Creed Valhalla 

The past few years I haven't really bothered with Assassins Creed as I didn't like the direction the games were going in however, I did always purchase them for Liam. But this years game brings us my favourites... Vikings so even though the game will be purchased for Liam no doubt I will end up jumping on and playing it myself.


This is a game that I have had my eye on for a while after seeing people play it on Twitch and YouTube. This game seems different to any other game I tend to play but it looks like a game I would really enjoy so I will be picking this up soon. I am hoping I do end up enjoying it as the game has been on my radar for a while, I just hope I don't end up rage quitting it. 

Last of Us 2 

I still need to play the Last of Us but already have my eyes on the 2nd installment. The only reason I haven't played the first game yet is because I just haven't got around to it yet but it is on the to be played list as it is in my backlog. I have seen good things about the 2nd installment so I want to pick that up too.

God of War

God of war is a game I keep going to pick up but then for some reason never do, but I do want to finally get this and try get through it as it looks like a brilliant game. God of War is coming tothe PS+ collection so maybe that is the way I am going to end up playing it when I get my PS5 as I wouldn't really be spending anything extra on this due to me having a PS+ subscription. Let's just hope it is as good as I have heard.

Ghosts of Tsushima

 I wanted Ghosts of Tsushima in the build up to its release but then I brought in my game completion rule so never got around to picking it up. But now it has been out a while I am getting tempted again so I really need to work through my backlog to finally get it. But again I may just wait for next gen to pick this up. I don't even know what is drawing me into this game as it isn't something I would usually go for. 

Saints Row 3 Remastered 

It was Liam who got me into playing Saints Row games but unfortunately I never got around to completing the 3rd one. Again I have seen good things about the remastered version on the PS4 so maybe it is time I picked up a copy and finally completed it. 


I have a funny feeling this might be the next game I pick up as for years I have loved sharks so this seems like the ideal game for me. Again if I didn't put in my game completion rule I would definitely have purchased this by now as I think it is a game I am going to love. 

Miles Morales

 I fell in love with Spider-Man PS4 as it is a game that I have enjoyed so much,everything about it had me actually enjoying sitting and playing it. I don't think that any of the PS4 game felt like a chore to play so I am hoping Mile Morales lives up to the PS4 game and I can wait to sink far too many hours into playing it. 

Sackboy : A Big Adventure

Since the first Little Big Planet was released it was a franchise I loved, they are the perfect game for when you just want to switch off and relax and have a bit of fun. I am really looking forward to playing through Sackboy A Big Adventure as if it is anything like the Little Big Planet games it is bound to be a good one. 

Doom Eternal

This game has recently come to the Gamepass so if I finally get that this is the first game I am going to be playing on it. Doom just looks like a franchise that is right up my street in terms of gameplay so I am hoping to complete the PS4 Doom very soon before finally moving on to this one. 

I know I can play some of these games on the PS5 or Xbox Series X so to be honest I aren't too worried about rushing to pick them up, plus I will keep the Xbox One & PS4 plugged in for a while whilst I tackle my backlog so these games will be played at some point. I am also tempted to purchase the Gamepass for the first time when I get the Xbox Series X is it worth it? 

What games do you still need to pick up & what future releases do you have your eyes on?

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