Recent Achievements & Trophies We Have Picked Up #4

Well it has been a slow time for achievements lately in our household mainly as gaming time has been lacking and when we have played games we have stuck to the same ones. We did manage to pick up a few though with a lot coming from the same game, which I guess is a perk of completing a game for the first time in a while. Although there haven't been many achievement gained I actually don't mind too much as I don't purposely go hunting for trophies and any I come across are an added bonus. So here are the achievements we managed to pick up recently....

We managed to get another achievement on Spider-Man PS4 and it was a fun one to get, I loved the Demon's warehouse section of the game and to be honest I have just loved that game altogether as it is fantastic. I just have a few bits to finish off and it will be complete.

We picked up FIFA 21 as soon as it was released and to be honest neither of us have played as much of it as we would have liked. We have managed to pick up a few trophies for this so far but we have a lot more we can easily tick off so I am sure you will be seeing plenty of trophies in the future achievement & trophy posts. 

I managed to sit and play through The Vanishing of Ethan Carter in one sitting and managed to unlock 11 out of 13 achievements for it on Steam which was great as I haven't completed a PC game in ages so to get a game out of the backlog was great but even better that it was a PC game. I think this could easily be the first game I have come closest to getting 100% in.

There you have it those are the achievements & trophies we have picked up recently. What trophy or achievement have you recently picked up that you are most proud of? 

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