What We Are Playing (20th November)


Finally the week has arrived and we have our shiny new PS5 set up in the games room. It seems like it was on pre-order forever but now it is here I can't wait to get playing games on it although I guess I should let Liam have a go at some point. So with the new console in our possession what will we be playing this weekend and into next week? 


I need to finish off Erica this weekend as I did get pretty far into it before it decided it hadn't fully installed yet so that halted my progress, I think I only have an hour or so left of it so that will be done in no time. I am going to continue my Erica play through on the PS4 instead of waiting for it to install once again.  I am then going to switch it over and jump into some PS5 gaming, I think I may start off with Bugsnax and make a dent in that then if I get chance I might give Man Eater a go. 


I will be sticking to the PC this weekend by the looks of things. I will be carrying on playing some more Football Manager 21 but I will also be jumping into American Truck Simulator to try out some of the DLC for it. 

So there you have it that is what we are going to be playing this weekend and into next week. What will you be playing? 

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