Unboxing The PlayStation 5... At Long Last

Finally on the 19th of November the day finally arrived the PS5 was delivered. It arrived at our offices nice and early but due to me not being in work I had to wait until my dad dropped it off for us. When he brought the box in I was definitely surprised with the size on the box. When we opened that cardboard box and saw that the actual PS5 box filled the Amazon box I was certainly shocked. I mean I knew the PS5 was going to big but the size on the boxes threw me by surprise a bit. 

So as soon as you you open the box you are greeted by a smaller box which holds your manuals and other accessories you are going to need to get your PC up and running. 

In the box alongside the manuals you have the new Dualsense controller along with a USB-C cable for charging this. You have your HDMI 2.1 cable and your power cable. I love how the power cable is literally just a cable with no chunky bricks like the Xbox One had. You also have your stand in here which I actually like as it isn't bulky like I imagined and you don't even see it when the PS5 is on it. 

Once you are done with the little box on the top just lift that up and you get your first glimpse at the console through the egg cartons protecting the ends and the wrapping around it. To me when I have watched unboxings of the Series X on YouTube it looks so much better packaging wise than the PS5 but honestly as long as the PS5 is protected well by packaging I am happy. 

Once all that packaging is removed you are left with your console. Which is certainly heavier and larger than I anticipated however, it looks fantastic. The symbols on the panels look fantastic and give it a bit of a hidden detail feel as you don't really notice them unless you are close up. 

We went for the disc edition of the console as I prefer having a physical collection of games over a digital one as at least then if I want to trade in my games I can do and get new games from this or some extra money. I was a bit skeptical about the white of the console at first as I aren't too sure about white consoles, I much prefer how the black looks but to be honest I love this as the design of the white and black works really well together and the glossy black in the middle looks great. It is great how the only thing you can really see on this console is the disk drive. 

The Dualsense controller has also really surprised me as when I first saw the controller I will admit I didn't really like the design but now I have actually held it I love it. It fits nicely in my hand and I can see it being comfortable for those long gaming sessions. 

 To be honest I didn't actually think that the PS5 was going to arrive on day one as Amazon just didn't seem to be updating but I am so glad it did as this is the first console I have ever got on day one. I am really looking forward to spending probably far too much time playing plenty of games on the console. 

What did you think when you unboxed the PS5? Has it lived up to expectations so far or not?

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