The UGREEN USB-C Hub - I Am So Glad I Have This

When I purchased my Macbook I knew I would need to purchase some accessories to be able to use it for exactly what I wanted to. How was I going to upload things from my memory card without a memory card slot? It is all well and good having 4 USB-C slots too but if nothing you use has them its not very useful.   

I honestly thought I was going to have to spend a fortune on a USB-C hub so that I could use the devices I wanted to on my Macbook but I came across this UGREEN one on Amazon and was pleasantly surprised when it came up at just £20. The device is nice and lightweight too and thanks to it having the 2 USB C connection's it slots into the Macbook nicely and there are no wires dangling down.  I love how it doesn't even look out of place when attached to the Macbook and actually looks quite good due to the colours working well together and it not been too big and bulky. 

Thanks to the hub being lightweight I am able to transport it with me when I take my Macbook out and about with me. This is certainly helping productivity too as I can transfer files on the go instead of having to wait until I get home to use my PC with the correct USB slots. 

I will be honest with you I have already dropped this hub and stood on it quite a few times as I have stupidly left it laying around and nothing has happened to it so it is pretty durable in that sense. Actually inserting it and ejecting it from the Macbook couldn't be any easier either. Simply insert the hub into the two USB -C slots on the Macbook and add your specific device and you are good to go. To eject it simply go to your Macbook background, go to where the device is shown and click eject, you won't lose what is on your specific device and you are free to remove the hub.

The big thing I wanted this for is the memory card slot as I can simply remove my memory card from my camera and insert it straight to my Macbook with this hub. This makes things so much easier as I can go to the football and come home and upload the images straight away or I can have a blog photo shoot and upload them straight away instead of messing around trying to transfer them. 

Not only do you get get the SD & Micro SD slots but you also get 3 USB 3.0 slots and 1 USB-C slot. With you getting another USB-C slot you are gaining one back that you lost by inserting the hub. But for me it is the USB 3.0 slots that that are a great addition for me as I will need to upload my USB stick and hard drive from time to time especially as I start working on new projects.

Even though you are technically losing 2 USB-C slots by using this hub if like me you have the Macbook Pro 2020 model with 4 USB-C slots you can always use the other side for charging or to add any other USB-C device. 

I know that thanks to this device my productivity is going to be a lot better and content is going to be a lot better as I can spend time on it where ever I am meaning more time is going into each post and other projects. 

Do you have a Macbook or any other device that just uses USB-C? If you do and you don't already have one of these USB-C hubs I definitely recommend looking into purchasing one as I now know first hand just how handy they are.


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