Another Wireless Charger : GOJI Qi Wireless Charging Pad


Back when I got my iPhone 8 I finally picked up a wireless charger which was the Goji wireless Qi pad. I picked this up when I got my iPhone 8 as it was a budget item at £14.99 from our local Carphone Warehouse. To say how cheap this item was it has definitely worked well for me over the years I have owned it and I haven't had any issues with it at all, even when I am now using the iPhone 11 as it charges my phone up a decent amount in a good amount of time even with my phone case on. 

What I love about this charging pad is that it is quite small, this is smaller than my iPhone 11 (but it still charges it) which means when I do need it out on my desk to charge my phone as I work it isn't taking up too much space. Thanks to its size I can happily have this on my desk alongside all my other desk essentials without the desk looking a mess or too cluttered. 

Plus this charger is quite thin and is certainly lightweight therefore it is perfect for transporting around. This charging pad doesn't stay on my desk in the games room as I have my Anker charger on that desk so this one isn't needed there 24/7. This charger is mainly used in the spare room when I am blogging in there and also when I am at work or using my laptop elsewhere and thanks to how small and lightweight it is it's really easy to transport around so I don't have to worry about any extra weight in my bag when I am on the go. As I say this gets used plenty on the go and I think if it was heavier I wouldn't bother with it at all. With it being small too it is handy just to throw in my tech bag (a make up bag I have repurposed) as it is the perfect fit and is then kept a bit safer being in the tech bag rather than just being thrown in the bottom of my backpack. 

The charging pad has no slip feet which work half the time as it is held in place but unfortunately they aren't strong enough for if I trip over the wire as the pad goes straight off the desk. I have definitely knocked this off the desk too many times and even dropped it whilst moving it around but there is no damage at all when you look at the pad and the internals seem to be working well even after the drops. The reason that I end up tripping over the wire is because it is so long which I guess is great if your plug socket or charging device is a distance away but honestly there feels like there is an excess of wire that the majority of people wont require. The device is plugged in by a micro USB whilst the other end is just a USB so you can plug that into your PC, laptop or even a wall socket meaning there should always be somewhere to power this device. 

To say this is my first Goji item and was under £20 I am really impressed. It was purchased a few years ago and is really one of my favourite items still as it really was a bargain for what it is used for and how often it is used. This charging pad is going to be in my tech bag for a long time and I think it might be hard for me to replace it when it is needed. Have you used any Goji items in the past? 

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