What We Are Playing (11th December)

Another week closer to the end of the year and another week of trying to sort some of this backlog out before the end of the year. With us finally being able to go back to the football we are going to have plenty of weekends becoming filled with going to games however, I want to try get as much gaming done as I can to finally tackle this backlog a bit more. It is going to be a fun weekend this weekend with us going to a game on Sunday but here is what we are also hoping to play...

I am determined to get through Tales From The Borderlands this weekend as I aren't that far off finishing it, I am actually hoping to get this finished by Saturday morning so that I can move onto something new although I am enjoying the game. Once that game is finished I will be moving onto Destroy All Humans at long last. I am really looking forward to finally giving this game a go as Liam has spoke highly of it. 


I will be continuing with my journey through World of Warcraft Shadowlands this weekend which I am really enjoying at the moment. When I aren't playing that I will be continuing with my Football Manager 21 save and who knows I may be even jump onto Destroy All Humans if Lucy lets me. 

Fingers crossed we can get through plenty of gaming this weekend. What are you planning on playing?

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