What We Are Playing (25th December)

Well it might be Christmas day but there is still plenty of gaming to be done in this household.  This post is written the day before Christmas day so who knows if we ended up receiving a new game or two to play for now we will be sticking to those games we already own and want to either complete or just enjoy playing. So here is what we are planning on playing this weekend...


I have a few more missions left on Destroy All Humans so I am hoping to get that finished this weekend. Then I will be moving back to the Switch to try play through a bit more of Spongebob Squarepants : Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, I did previously put this down due to the Joy-Con drift but it is time to get it played. Fingers crossed FIFA is updated too so I can have a few games on that too. I need to get Maneater installed too. 


I will be sticking with the usual World of Warcraft and Football Manager this weekend whilst no doubt playing a bit of Destroy All Humans with Lucy too. 

That is what we will be playing this weekend and into next week, what will you be playing?

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