The Backlog Progress In 2020

Back in 2019 I managed to roll the credits on a grand total of 1 game, so I said that in 2020 I wanted to massively improve on that. My goal was to complete 10 games by the end of the year however, I managed to complete 8 so that isn't too far off that target and is certainly a huge improvement on what I did in 2019. 

In 2020 the world as we knew it changed and I spent 90% of the year stuck in the house thanks to being on furlough and in lockdown, now you might think this would have helped me complete more games but honestly it didn't as I spent the majority of the time working on my blogs so gaming was still neglected. This is mainly thanks to me going to sit down to play a game and then the game or console needing an update that takes absolutely forever by the time it is updated I just don't fancy playing it then. When I did get those gaming sessions in though it was great and I got hooked on the games I played, I even fell in love with games I thought I would get bored of which makes a change for me as normally I would play 10 minutes of those games and give up. So here are the games I managed to complete throughout 2020...

Tales from the Borderlands


Titanfall 2 

Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 

Astro's Playroom 

Destroy All Humans 

Spider-Man (adding this as I have 2 hours left that I intend to complete by the 31st December)

There were definitely a mix of games played throughout the year which I think helped me playing through these games a lot more than I usually would as I wasn't spending the time playing the same thing over and over like I normally would. I finally managed to complete a Call of Duty campaign which is something I had never bothered to do before and actually managed to finish off a game on the PC which was Vanishing of Ethan Carter which was great and a nice change. 

I still can't believe that I took so long to get around to playing Spider-Man on the PS4 either as that game was brilliant, me and Liam both got plenty of hours of fun out of the game which was great. I even managed to play my first Borderlands game which had been sat on my shelf for so long and now I want to go and play all the other Borderland games I have been putting off. 

2020 has been a strange year but it has been great for me and getting through some of my backlog. There is still a long way to go for completing it and there is another backlog post coming soon with what I am hoping to get done in 2021. 

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