12 Month With The Apple Watch. Is It Still Worth It?


Well it has been a year now since I unwrapped the Apple Watch series 3 for Christmas and although I was skeptical at first of how often I would actually wear it, turns out the watch has been a bit of a game changer for me. I always loved wearing a traditional watch but now they don't get a look in as my Apple Watch is the on my wrist daily no matter what I am doing that day. I have a pretty good collection of watches at home but the Apple Watch has become my daily accessory choice thanks to how much of a benefit it actually has for me. 

2020 saw me really take my health and fitness seriously as I kicked off my weight loss journey and one thing that has helped me keep going and pushed me is my watch of all things. It is really helping me with my goals as I can keep an eye on my step count, my calories and how much I move about in general. I can then head onto my phone and see what areas worked well that week and what needs improving. In all honesty I just really enjoy closing my rings each day which encourages me to do so much more that I used too. I have tried using different watch faces but I always end up going to my activity face as I can keep an eye on my progress throughout the day. 

To say how often I wear it and what it gets put through it is lasting really well. I am using the original band it came with and there is no sign of any wear and tear. There has been no incidents of it coming undone during the day or workouts either which is honestly something I was really worried about happening. It holds its charge really well I can go 2/3 days without having to charge my watch but most times I do having it charging over night as I can't cope with wearing it to sleep in so I aren't ever really at risk of it dying on me during the day. I have dropped the watch a fair few times too which after dropping my phone a few times I started to panic as I thought it would just shatter as my phone has done plenty of times but surprisingly there is no marks or scratches on the screen so it is definitely durable. My nephew loves messing with the watch too as he likes the different faces and making things move and the screen is easy enough to clean once he has finished using it, there are minimal smudges and you can still see everything clearly. 

It has been fantastic not having to worry about having to get my phone out every time I have a notification as all I need to do now is check my wrist to see if it is important enough to need replying to urgently or if it can wait. This has definitely helped me with productivity as it has meant I aren't checking my phone every two seconds and can have my phone away and only take it out when really needed. This has minimized distractions and meant I have been able to get much more blogging done instead of getting distracted by social media. 

I can see me loving this watch for a long time and continue to get plenty of use out of it to help me become even more productive and achieve my fitness goals. Who knew a smart watch could be so useful I know I didn't. 

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