Recent Achievements 2021 #1

It has been a while since I posted one of these recent achievements posts and to be honest I have picked up quite a few trophies and added to my gamer score quite a bit recently which has been a change for me. So here are the achievements I have picked up recently...

I managed to roll the credits on Portal recently after it has been sat in my backlog for the longest time. I played through this on my PC and to be honest I wasn't bothered about picking up any achievements but managed to some how stumble across 5. 

Tales from the Borderlands was a fantastic game that I really enjoyed playing through. It is also the first game I managed to 100% rather than just rolling the credits on it. The achievements are super easy to get as you pick them up just by progressing through each episode of the game.  

I also managed to roll the credits on Erica since my last post and again this is a game where I just wanted to get it out of my backlog so I wasn't bothered about the achievements. I am actually surprised that in my play through I only managed to unlock 4 so I wonder how many play through's it would take me to 100% it?

Ah my first PS5 game, which again was fantastic and really showcased what the PS5 is capable of. This was a really fun to play and honestly I am tempted to go back at some point to replay it as it was such fun. 

I didn't even realise they had an add on part for Astro's but I ended up getting a gold trophy from that which was a nice surprise. 

Then it was onto Destroy All Humans which is such a good game, me and Liam have been playing through this as he has helped me out on the bits I have got stuck on and honestly I am so glad he picked me this up from my birthday because if not I might never have played this. I am definitely going to be going back to try get more that the 16 trophies I have on this. 

Finally we have Maneater which I have only just started so I haven't made much progress in it so far. I wanted this game for the PS4 but didn't want to pay full price for it but then on the release day of the PS5 I ended up going to pick up a copy for my PS5 as I just couldn't wait to start playing it. Typically this became the PS Plus free game on the month I actually started it but it is worth the purchase so far.

So there you have it those are the achievements I have picked up recently. What are some of the best trophies or achievements you have picked up recently? 

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