What We Are Playing (15th January 2021)


Another week is over and the weekend is finally here. With this lockdown it is hard actually distinguishing the weekday from the weekend as they all merge into one as I am not in work so my days are spent blogging and gaming which is what my weekends are usually for. I am trying to keep my weekends free now for gaming and get my blogging done during the week because I am desperate to use this lockdown to get through more of my backlog and make some progress into completing those games I have just never got around to gaming. So here is what me and Liam are planning on playing this weekend...


I made a start on Maneater on the PS5 last week and I am enjoying what I have played so far. I think if I could easily roll the credits on this by next week as it is a lot shorter than I expected. Fingers crossed I can also jump back into Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, I also made a start on this last week but unfortunately due to the dreaded Joy Con drift I gave up, but I really want to get this completed soon as it is actually a fun game and is a relaxing one. If I get chance I will also be playing a bit of NBA 2K21 again. 


Another boring one for me as I am just going to be playing exactly the same as last week once again which is World of Warcraft & Heroes of the Storm. Who know by next week I may have installed something new to play but we will see.  

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