Tech I Would Love To Purchase In 2021

I did well in 2020 with my savings and even managed to make a few big purchases such as my PS5 & Macbook Pro but I have started thinking of other purchases I would love to make to help up my blogging game and help me with some future projects I want to make a start on, that is why I am hoping to get saving up and make some of these purchases in 2021, some of these are just for treats as well really as I guess you should treat yourself every now and again. So here are some of the bits I am hoping to save for and purchase... 

Xbox Series X 

I wasn't lucky enough to find one of these in 2020 so I am hoping 2021 is the year I can make the purchase as I want to experience everything the console has to offer plus I said as soon as I get this console I would renew my Xbox Live & finally get Gamepass. This would be the perfect addition to the games room too and look great alongside the PS5. 


This is a bit of a random one but I got my original iPad in 2012 I believe and it is now a bit smashed up and won't even update so I think it might be time to upgrade. I don't think I will go for the Pro I think the 8th gen model will do the job just fine for me. 

Hard drive

I want to pick up a new hard drive in 2021 too so that I can keep all my content for each blog separate instead of having it all mixed up like it has been for a while now. These will be great just to have with me when I am out and about or working on content on my lunch time as I can just plug the hard drive in that if for the blog / project I am working on and I am good to go. 

Lowepro Backpack

I have seen this backpack on my social media quite a bit recently and would love to pick one up for our camera equipment. For my 2 other blogs I want to go out and about for my images instead of sticking to just the back garden so if I have a bag that can store and protect all my equipment that would be fantastic. 

Canon G7X Camera 

I would love to purchase one of these cameras for some future projects I want to work on. This would definitely benefit me as it would mean I didn't need to take my DSLR out with me all the time and would have a more compact option to get the best results. 


I have one tripod for my DSLR at the moment but I would like to purchase a few more for different devices and options. I would love to purchase an over head tripod / boom arm so that I can work on my new projects but I would also love to purchase a tripod for my phone so I aren't always relying on Liam to help me take images and I can take my own when needed.

That is the tech I am hoping to pick up throughout 2021 realistically I think I can end up with around 1/4 to 1/2 of this list so fingers crossed you might be seeing reviews or unboxings of some of these items in the near future. What would you purchase first off this list? 

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