What I Got For Christmas 2020

Well Christmas has been and gone for another year and I was well and truly spoilt. This year there has been a bit of a theme to my gifts with them mainly being football, fitness or gaming related as that has been what 2020 has been full of for me. So here is what I got for Christmas. 

My parents always say me and Liam don't need any mugs but they ended up getting me 2 new ones. One is this little elf one which I am sure is a joke seen as I am the small one in the family. They also got me this Olaf travel mug which I am sure will be getting plenty of use in 2021. My auntie and uncle also got me a few mugs they got me this cute stitch one with a pair of socks with it and this amazing Peaky Blinders one from a local shop which I absolutely love. 

There were also some random gifts such as an umbrella from my grandparents, which will definitely be handy as I haven't actually got an umbrella. My auntie and uncle got me this cute Stitch purse which to be honest probably won't be used as a purse as I will probably put my memory cards & USB sticks in it. My nephew got me this really cute L with auntie written it which is now proudly displayed so I can see it all day. My parents also got me this amazing Batman light which actually joins together with the Joker one they got Liam. This year I watched Gremlins for the first time and fell in love with Gizmo and I absolutely love this cute Gizmo that Liam's family got me.

My auntie and Uncle also got me these amazing coins. They are they Peter Rabbit 50p coins but are painted with different characters or scenes. They got me Iron Man and a football one so that is perfect for me. 

Liam surprised me with the Child Scentsy wax warmer and wax melts and I absolutely love it, the burner now sits proudly in the games room and I can't wait to get using it properly. I love how I can have the wax melts burning without having to worry about candles. My auntie and uncle know how much I love the fragrance Creed too so they got me a candle that smells just like it. 

You can never have enough stationary and my auntie & uncle got me this really cute Mickey Mouse notebook and pen which is definitely going to come in handy with me planning things for the blogs and the future plans. My grandparent's also got me a Harry Potter pen which I am looking forward to using.

Is it even Christmas if you don't get alcohol? I ended up with a really nice mixture of alcohol that is definitely going to come in handy for future gaming sessions, especially the rum and vodka. 

I have lost a bit of weight this year so not many of my clothes still actually fit me so I ended up with a few bits of clothing to restock my wardrobe. Most of the clothing were actually hoodies as I live in them most of the time these days. My grandparents got me this Space Jam hoodie which I had been on the look out for a while, Liam got me this really cute Stitch hoodie which unfortunately doesn't fit just yet and my parents got me this amazing Rivici hoodie which is lovely and comfortable. 

I finally got some Xbox clothing. After me having plenty of PlayStation clothing in my wardrobe I have added a bit of Xbox too it with these fantastic tracksuit bottoms and this lounge wear set. I can't wait to just throw these items on and have some nice long comfortable gaming sessions. 

I did have a new addition to the PlayStation section of the wardrobe too as my grandparents got me this really nice PlayStation sweatshirt, my other PlayStation sweatshirt is bright blue so this is a lot more subtle. My parents also got me these DragonBallZ pyjamas which are going to be perfect for me all year as they are shorts so I am sure there will be plenty of wear out of these. 

Carrying on the PlayStation theme the games room has been fully kitted out. My sister got me this Icon flow lamp which I had my eye on for a while, this looks great on the TV unit. Liam also got me the icons light which just adds to the whole PlayStation feel of the room, the lights are fantastic and look great together. My parents also got me this PlayStation do not disturb sign for our games room door and it just stops it from being a boring white door now. 

Liam also got me Spider-Man Mile Morales, this year we really enjoyed playing through the Spider-Man game on the PS4 so I am really looking forward to playing this game on the PS5 and who knows I may also replay Spider-Man while I am at it. I know Liam is going to end up playing this too. 

 Finally my parents got me these earphones in the wireless charging case just like the Airpods. These are personalised with my name and a little cartoon picture of me which is fantastic. I have paired these up to my iPhone and Macbook and these work perfectly.  

So there you have it those are a selection of my gifts I received this year, if you are interested in the other items I got that don't really fit in with this blog then head on over to my other blog to see what I got. What did you receive for Christmas? 

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