My 2021 Blogging Plans... Change Is Coming

2020 might have been a strange year but honestly it has really helped me regain my love for gaming and blogging. I think having more time at home to really get into games has certainly helped me enjoy gaming again plus the release of the new consoles. I even managed to get through some of my backlog which was a great feeling seeing those games I neglected finally getting played. 

I think this helped me fall more in love with blogging too as it has meant that I have had more to write about thanks to increasing the amount of games I have played. It has been great writing more reviews for here rather than just personal experiences all the time. I have had more time to try new games and tech which has hopefully come across on the blog for you all. I am hoping that I can continue improving on this in 2021 for you all and see even more growth. That is why I am going to change things up a bit and test a few things in 2021 so here is how I am hoping things go throughout 2021...

There will be 2 main posts per week with a Tuesday providing a technology related post and a thursday providing a game related post which I am hoping will be a review. Wednesday's will be a FIFA Pack Opening post depending on how much of the game I have played, these may not be weekly but it is what I will be aiming for. On Friday's I will be continuing with the new what we are playing series which I am really enjoying as it is good to look back at how weekends changed depending on what is going on or being released. If there is any other specific content I want to get out on that week that will be posted on a Sunday just to spread content out a bit, the bonus content might be gaming, tech, board games or other topic related. Who knows YouTube may finally happen too but I am still on the fence at the moment with that. I will still be doing my new in and monthly favourites posts so they will be being posted the first week of every month. 

Fingers crossed I can get 1 game review up per week which is my main aim as this will get me playing more and aiming to complete games a bit quicker so I can get reviews up as far too often I start a game then just neglect it for 6 months after. 2020 taught me that 2021 is a year where I certainly am going to increase my gaming time & content on the site. I have neglected consoles recently too and don't have a good mix of content on the site so that will also change as I aim to spend more time on different consoles as each offers a different experience for me, so expect to see a mix of PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC content. Technology content will also feature a mix of unboxings, reviews, hardware, accessories and much more so there will be a variety of that. If you can think of anything you would like to see me review then let me know and I will see what I can do. 

Who knows if things go to plan there may also be a new logo added to the site and social media as I give it all a little bit of a refresh. This logo is looking a little old now so I think it is time to refresh it to fit the site a bit more. 

I might be doing a lot better at updating the site but I have seriously neglected other social media channels but lets hope I can get better at updating them in 2021. I really enjoyed my 2020 Instagram content and the growth I saw on that platform but I really want to up how often I post & my quality of content on there in 2021 as I know it can be so much better. I totally neglected Facebook and often forgot to Tweet too so I will be increasing posts on these platforms too. Even if I have to create a social media calendar which I work on throughout the year I am determined to get on top of things and increase my posts. 

2020 was a good year for getting through some of my backlog too and that is thanks to a rule I tried to enforced and stuck to for the most part. I had to complete 3 games before I could purchase a new one... this definitely worked and I saved money thanks to this and also managed to finally play some gems that had just been sat on my shelf. That is why I am sticking to this rule in 2021 so I have the same progress or if not better with clearing my backlog and enjoying different games. So I have to complete 3 games before I bring in 1 new game but FIFA won't count as this as it is already a yearly purchase. Plus if I am lucky enough to receive review codes for games these won't count as part of the new in games as I wouldn't like to turn down a great opportunity just because I had just purchased a game and not played 3 more since. Remember to complete a game I just need to roll the credits as I aren't bothered about trophies & achievements. Let's hope this also stops me gaining a huge backlog of games for the PS5 and Series X games (when I finally get it).

So that is the direction I am hoping to take the website and social media in for 2021, if you have anything specific you would like to see on here please let me know and I will try get something up for you. Any games or tech you want me to talk about just let me know. 

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