Backlog 2021 goals

To be honest my 2020 backlog goals didn't exactly go to plan, even though there was plenty of time to play games I focused on my blog more and producing content. In 2020 I did a list of 10 games I wanted to complete but to be honest when it came to what I wanted to play next my mind constantly changed so I only completed 3 games from that list and practically rage quit 1 other. 

The games from the list that I completed were Titanfall 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare & Spider-Man, to be honest I am really glad I played these as they were fantastic experiences and they are the games that jumped out to me most on that backlog list. I did make a start on Yooka Laylee but it started to drive me mad so that was quickly pushed to one side. As for the other games I just never got around to playing them as other games started to appeal to me more. That is why this year I aren't going to do a set list of games instead I am just going to set myself a number of games to complete, this way I have a goal but still have the freedom to play whatever I want. 

This year I am going to aim to complete at least 10 games as this is certainly achievable for me even though I had a slow year in 2020 as things are going to be different in 2021. If when I do my check in at the middle of the year, I might even up this goal a little just to keep challenging myself and make more of a difference for the number of games left un-played. Obviously as I aren't bothered about trophies or achievements like others to me a completed game is when I have rolled the credits, which to be honest there aren't many games in my backlog that will take 100's of hours as I mainly purchase shorter games as I find them more enjoyable. 

I don't want to just play the same platform over and over either so I will be making more of an effort to play through games on all the consoles and PC instead of just sticking to the PlayStation & Xbox like I have in 2020. There are some great games sat on the shelf and in my Steam library so I really need to stop neglecting certain platforms like I have in previous years. 

I will be sticking to my rule of 3 games complete before I purchase a new as to be honest I did stick to this well in 2020 and I can see me really benefiting me again in 2021. Last year I didn't include Switch or PC games in this rule however, for 2021 they will be included, I think the only time I will break this rule is when FIFA is released and I pick that up. Not only does this rule help me in terms of playing through my backlog but it also helps me financially as I aren't wasting money on things I aren't going to play any time soon. This might also stop me having a huge backlog of games for this generation of gaming like I have gained for the PS4 and Xbox One, I now know I would much rather have a small selection of games to play rather than money wasted. Whilst I will be sticking to the 3 games complete rule I will be making an exception for if I get games sent for review, I won't need to complete 3 to receive these games.  

The best part of doing this is as I will be playing more games I will have more games to review so you will be getting plenty more game reviews over the course of the year which I am hoping you will all enjoy seeing as I enjoy writing the reviews and they are some of the most viewed on the site. Plus there will be a variety of games and platforms for you to read so hopefully there will be something for everyone to read.  

Fingers crossed playing a variety of games will help bring in readers and also benefit me in the long run. Hopefully playing a variety of games will help me discover new favourites along with stopping me getting fed up of gaming like I have done previously. Often I have periods of not playing anything due to feeling burnt out thanks to playing the same type of games over and over again fingers crossed a period of playing different things will stop this from happening in the future.  

As I said earlier 2020 was a year of focusing on my blogging and to be honest I didn't really spend much time doing anything else which certainly wasn't any good for me as I burnt out quite a bit so this year I am hoping to manage my time better and actually have nights and weekends where I just turn on a console and game away and actually have some me time, this will certainly help me out when it comes to getting games done as I will definitely have more time to spend gaming as it will be my me time.

Here are just a few of the games I would love to finally get out of the backlog and spend some time with...

Portal 2 

Lego Incredibles 


Sunset Overdrive 


These games have been in my backlog for probably the longest so if I could finally get these completed that would be absolutely fantastic as they are all games that deserve to be played and I think I am going to really enjoy them all.

I am just getting sick of seeing the backlog growing instead of shrinking so 2021 is definitely going to be the year that finally changes and a dent is really going to be made in it's size. I think realistically that I can easily do the 10 game target I have set but lets see how things go and if we might even be able to better that one. What do you think? How many do you think I can roll credits on this year?

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