A Day In The Life With My Macbook Whilst On Furlough

One of the best items I purchased last year was my 2020 Macbook Pro. I have been on furlough since I purchased the Macbook which although isn't ideal it means I have used the Macbook a lot more than I would have done if I was in work full time. It is one of the items that I have used daily throughout all this and it is really helping me blog more as it is faster than my previous laptop so I am happy to use it all day around different areas of the house. The Macbook has definitely made me more productive as I don't get frustrated with it's speed and can get plenty done. So here is how I use my Macbook on a typical furlough day...

I have my Macbook by the side of my bed on a night just so I know exactly where it is when I wake up in the morning. The first thing I do is scroll through social media on my phone, get up and do a workout then get ready to start my day. Once I am ready I will grab my Macbook and head into the spare room which has turned into a bit of a dressing room and office for me whilst I am off work so that I aren't sat in the games room everyday. I have tried to stay in a bit of a routine whilst I have been off work so I don't struggle once I do return, this means I treat my blogs like my normal job so I aim to be at the desk in my spare room by 9am which is a later start than I would work but I do work out now instead of staying in bed. 

The first thing I do is check my emails, I have found that by doing this I can get that task out of the way and clear any junk that has come in over the night and see if there are any hidden gems in my inbox. By doing this it means I am less tempted to keep checking my emails whilst I am on other tasks which I need to get on with. 

Once my emails are sorted I move onto working on my blog posts I write my to do list the night before so I know exactly what I need to tackle and can get straight on with things. I am to get most of my writing done before lunch which actually does work quite well most days when motivation is high. If I get 3 posts done before lunch then I am happy.  I will keep on writing my posts taking the odd 2 minute break until lunch time.

When it finally gets to lunch time I will go down stairs to put my lunch in the oven and take my Macbook with me. I won't work on any blog posts whilst on my lunch as I like to have that as an hour long break like I would if I was at work. While my lunch is cooking I will put the TV on whilst I just use my Macbook to check my social medias and any websites I want to look at which usually turns into doing some online shopping. I sometimes upload to some social media channels at this time to so I just respond to any comments on them before lunch ends. 

After lunch I either stay on the sofa or head back up to the spare room and I like to use the first hour or so doing something other than writing posts as I find if I do too much writing I lose motivation pretty quickly and just want to give up. So first up I will usually sit and edit any images that need editing for the blogs or social media, this isn't something I have always done but it is something I want to try do a lot more to improve my images especially on Instagram. I will also use this time to create images usually on Canva for somethings I am starting to work on. It is actually a really good programme to use and I can get plenty done on it. 

Something else I have started to do is edit videos too, there will be  YouTube video going up on the new channel soon I am just trying to get my head around editing. I am currently trying to use iMovie for this and fingers crossed it all works out in the end. This just makes a nice change from writing all the time and it is nice to learn a new skill too.  I will then spend a little bit of time just researching any post ideas I have and writing key points for those. 

If I have time I will then write another blog post or two just to end the day and get a few more things ticked off my to do list (which isn't currently done on my Macbook I might start doing it soon). Then my final task is just to go over my emails again and get rid of anything that has piled up since I last checked them. By doing this it just means I have less stuff to check in the morning too and cuts down how long I spend on sorting them the next morning. 

That usually rounds my blogging day off and I will then usually go off and do other bits like play some games for a bit before crawling back into bed and finishing my day off by watching YouTube videos or something on Sky as I have the app installed on my Macbook, I usually give it a quick charge at this point too. Once it is time to sleep the Macbook gets put back where it lives and I am done for the day.

It has been great with the Macbook as I can easily move around rooms and have a change of scenery which is fantastic as before I got the Macbook I was stuck in the games room when I wanted to blog which was a nightmare seeing nothing but the same 4 walls. The battery life holds really well on the device too so I don't have to worry about constantly needing to be near a plug socket but if it does need charging the cable is nice and long so I aren't too restricted especially with my desk being right next to an outlet. 

I don't stick to this same routine everyday as I like to sit at my PC in the games room every now and then as I have dual monitors so I can use that to my advantage with some tasks or watch YouTube whilst blogging. Some days I also spend less time blogging and working on the blogs so that I can get jobs done around the house but for now the routine I described is one of the more common ones. 

What does your day look like now we are stuck indoors a lot more? Keep an eye on here as I will be doing other day in the life scenarios very soon as different days involve different things. 

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