What We Are Playing (12th February)

Another week has been and gone and it is yet another week that seems to have flown by. It doesn't seem like 2 minutes ago that I was writing last weeks what we are playing post but here we are again. It might be Valentines day over the weekend but with us still being in lockdown and us not celebrating the day nothing is going to change for us. We will both still be sat in the games room barely talking to each other as we play our games. So here is what we plan on playing...  


As I finally ticked Ben There, Dan That off as completed in the backlog it is time for me to start something new. Next up on my beat the backlog list I have Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. I am really looking forward to starting this and who knows it might even be completed by next weeks post. I have heard that the story on Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is quite short so I think I will finally move onto Bugsnax once that is done and hopefully make some progress in that game that has just been sat on the PS5 since we got it. Who knows a little bit of Maneater might be played too as I am trying to get through that still... I have lost all motivation with the game. 


I am still trying to make my way through Red dead Redemption 2 so if I can have some time on the consoles I will be making more progress through that. Most of my time will no doubt be spent on the PC playing more World of Warcraft though as I can't keep off it lately. Who knows next week I might play something new but for now I will stick to what I played last week.

So that is what we are planning on playing over the weekend, I wonder if we can get any of the games completed? What are you playing this weekend?

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