Ben There Dan That (PC)

Ben There, Dan That seems to have been in my Steam library for a very long time now and I just haven't got around to playing it until now. I picked this up years ago for around 79p and I have finally managed to find the time to play it and get it out of the backlog. This game is a point and click game from 2008 and to be honest it is very rare that I play these types of games but for just 79p I thought I may as well give it a try. So years after my purchase I finally gave it a try and what did I think? 

Straight away though I found an issue with the game that actually really annoyed me, it wouldn't let me go full screen so I ended up having to play it in a little box which was probably under a quarter of my screen. This ended up causing me eyes to really start to hurt even with my glasses on. With game having a lot of text to read I needed to focus and I could have really done with the screen being a lot bigger. I managed to complete the game but a bigger screen would have definitely made playing the game a much better experience as my eyes wouldn't feel as strained. 

The graphics are very basic but it was expected with it costing me under £1 and it being from 2008. The sounds aren't bad either as you can alter the volume so you can have your own music on instead of the game music if you like. With it being a text based game with the characters not actually talking you don't need the game sound on at all which I loved as I ended up listening to a few podcasts whilst playing the game which was a nice change for me. I was worried about the text speed as I am a bit of a slow reader especially with it being on such a small screen, but the automatic speed is great and I managed to keep up well without missing anything but if that is too fast for you there is always the option to change the speed to make it faster or slower so there is something for any reader. 

You are thrown into the game without any instruction which is something that dives me mad but it is easy enough to figure out what you need to be doing and what you need to click. The controls are pretty simple as you right click to circle through the options such as take, look, speak or walk and then you just click your inventory to access what items you need for that task, it really is as simple as that. There were a few points when I clicked something and nothing happened which was a bit frustrating but what frustrated me most was the cursor leaving the game screen due to the size of the screen, it kept disappearing behind the screen a few times too but it was nothing too major. Thanks to being thrown into it without knowing what to do I did end up using a guide for a few parts just to get me going in the right direction and stop me getting fed up and frustrated. I don't think I would get frustrated though as there are a few parts where the humour is great so that made me have a little laugh and kept me interested in the game. 

Unfortunately when I first started the game I ended up with it not saving but luckily I was only about 20 minutes into the game so I ended up just starting again and I actually ended up rolling the credits in under 3 hours in one sitting. 

Overall if you are looking for a quick and easy game to play in a budget definitely give the game a try for yourself if you haven't played it already because it is a strange, funny and quick game which is probably going to be different to anything else you have played lately. If you can pick this up for the same price as I did on Steam definitely add it to your library for a great change of pace game. 

Publisher : Size Five Games

Developer : Size Five Games

Available On : PC

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