What We Are Playing (19th February )

We are edging closer and closer to the end of February so we are heading towards the warmer weather but for now I will stick to spending my days wrapped up in the games room with the controller in my hand. I have managed to completed more games in these first 2 months of the year than I had by June last year which is fantastic and I am really noticing my love for gaming creeping back. I have struggled with motivation lately which has meant that I haven't played as many games I would have like but after completing Marvel vs Capcom Infinite in one sitting last weekend a little bit of motivation has crept back in and I am ready to get playing again. So here is what me and Liam are planning on playing this weekend... 


Next on my beat the backlog list is Bugsnax so I am finally going to jump into that as it has been sat on the PS5 since I received it on release day. I am actually really looking forward to playing this as I have heard it is quite a good game to play. I am also hoping Super Lucky Tales is installed on the Xbox so I can give that a go as again this has been sat on my game shelf far too long without being played. If I fancy jumping on the Switch then I will play a bit more of Spongebob Battle for Bikini bottom. 


Surprise, surprise I am doing exactly the same as the past two weekends... I will be playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and World of Warcraft again this weekend. I have spent a lot of the week on World of Warcraft so I will be carrying that on and if I can get use of the TV I will be playing more Red Dead Redemption 2. Who knows next week might be a bit different.

So that is what we are playing at the weekend what are you planning on playing? 

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