Unboxing The i17 Earphones


I had been after a pair of Airpods for quite a while now but just couldn't justify the price for them so resigned to the fact I wasn't going to have any for a while. But Christmas day came and my parents surprised me and my sister with our own personalised Airpod like earphones. 

I have been wanting some truly wireless earphones for a while as I don't want wires hanging around when I am working out, walking, blogging or just relaxing listening to music so I know these are going to be the perfect addition to my setup whether it is if I am sitting at home or out and about. So here is what you get when you purchase the i17 earphones. 

When you initially lift the lid on the box you are greeted with the case containing the earphones which are nicely packed in and presented just like you would expect. What I love about these is that there really is minimal packaging with these earphones. 

Once you take out the earphones and lift up the small plastic covering you find a very minimal user manual not like the chunky manuals I am used to getting, this just gives you the basic information which is all you really need. Then you get the very short USB to Micro USB for charging. This comes with a charging case so you simply connect the micro USB to the case and the USB to your electrical current whether it is a plug socket or PC and you are charging. My only problem with this is that it is so short but it's not too much of a problem.

So when you open the case honestly to me these just look like Airpods with the case and the fact they are nice and compact is going to really help as I can just put them in my pocket or the front of my bag and I am good to go. The case feels like a good quality and like it is going to last me a while, it is pretty lightweight too which is always great. 

When it comes to the actual earphones they also give off huge Airpod vibes and they are also really lightweight. The design is nice and simple and there isn't a wire in sight which is perfect as it is exactly what I wanted. They aren't too small either which I was a bit worried about after seeing the size of the case. The bit that actually goes in my ear doesn't seem too big or small either which is something that I have struggled with when it has come to earphones in the past. 

As I said earlier in the post my parents had these personalised for me which is brilliant. If you ordered these from the likes of Amazon you would have a simple white case just like with the Airpods but I love how this looks with the little cartoon image of me on the front, it even has me wearing a Manchester United shirt on it. I definitely love the personal touch. 

I am still to properly test these earphones out at the moment but after a quick play around they seem like they are going to be perfect for me but I will be doing a full setting up post and initial thoughts post very soon where I will let you know just how my time with them is going. What earphones are you rocking at the moment?

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