Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated 1st Impressions (Nintendo Switch)

As soon as Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated was announced I knew I was going to be picking it up as from such a young age I have loved Spongebob and it is just one of those things that never gets old, I still watch episodes of the show every now and again when I am blogging or in the house on my own as it is just one of those shows I don't get bored of and it is easy to watch. 

The biggest decision when it came to purchasing this game was what console to get it on. In the end I opted for the Nintendo Switch version so that if I wanted to play it in the car on long journeys or in a room other than the games room I could, which hasn't really mattered in the end as I have ended up spending more time playing it on the TV instead of handheld just due to being in the house a lot more and moving the Switch downstairs. The game really is nostalgic and it feels like I am reliving my childhood just with the sounds and graphics within the game, the cut scenes are like watching little snippets of the show which is fantastic as a fan of the show. I also found the sound within the game as you go through the stages quite relaxing as it isn't like the other games I have played in the past year. It is the only game where I have enjoyed reading the subtitles for a change too as it just helps you with what you need to do as sometimes the characters do talk a little too fast.   

It is actually quite rare that I play a platform game as they have just never really appealed to me too much before and when I do play them I find myself getting fed up, but with this one I haven't had this problem at all and I am enjoying making my way through it apart from when I get that dreaded Joy Con drift. 

The Joy Con drift has really drove me mad in this game and to be honest it is the first game I have noticed this happening. I have lost plenty of lives due to it pulling me in the opposite direction and off the edge of the world. It is one of the main reasons I haven't made even more progress in the game too as I only play for short periods of time as it gets stressful drifting at points so when I have had enough I just put it down and play something else, I am hoping to have this issue resolved soon but it does make me wish I got it on the PS4 as I would probably have made more progress by now, if not completed it. The other controls within the game are a bit sensitive at times but it is nothing too major and is something I adapted to pretty quickly. 

The graphics in the game are a lot better than expected and it makes playing the game like you are watching a super HD version of the cartoon and the details are definitely better than I expected. There are a few times in the game when the camera angles haven't helped and your view is blocked but it soon alters its self and you get back on track. The first few times this happened it was a bit annoying but as it progresses you just get used to it. 

So far the only character I don't enjoy playing as is Patrick as he is just annoying me and my favourite to play as is definitely Spongebob but I think it is just because I got used to playing as him first. Liam ended up giving the game as go too but he wasn't too keen on it thanks to the sounds and camera angles as he said they were annoying and it was just something he wasn't too keen on.

I would definitely recommend this game if you have young gamer in the family who is just getting into games as this could be a good starting point for them. Also if you are a fan of the cartoon like I am give it a try and see how you find it as it might surprise you. This game has just provided a nice relaxing change of pace compared to previous games and who knows that might be why I am enjoying it so much, I aren't in a rush to get this completed as it is just nice to jump in and out of when I want to relax instead of playing other games in my backlog which may be a little more demanding. 

Have you played this game yet? What did you think to it? 

Publisher : THQ Nordic, Handy Games 

Developer : Purple Lamp Studios, Handy Games

Available On : Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

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