Maneater PS5 1st Impressions

Have you ever really looked forward to a game then when you have started playing it you have kind of regretted it? Well that has started to become the case for me with Maneater on the PS5. I was really looking forward to giving this game a go due to me absolutely loving sharks however, my time with the game so far just isn't hitting the spot for me. When this game came out for the PS4 I held off for a bit due to the price and having so many other games in my backlog to play, but as soon as I saw it was coming to the PS5, I made sure I had it on order ready for that PS5 launch day. What has annoyed me most though is that if I had just waited a bit I wouldn't have had to pay for this game at all. Due to other games I was playing and being busy doing other things I didn't actually start this game until January, so if I had just waited I could have played it for free thanks to it being January's free PS Plus game. With my experience of the game so far this would have been a much better option for me too. 

One thing I am loving about the game is the quality of the graphics, the game looks fantastic and the graphics look really sharp and clear. The shark that you play as is brilliant and the details are made to stand out throughout the mutations you can do. This is definitely helped by the quality of the PS5 so I am glad I waited to experience the game for the first time on this console as I feel I am getting the best out of the graphic quality. 

The intro was great and it is possibly my favourite part of the game at the moment as it was filled with plenty of content to get me used to the game and the controls I need to use for each scenario. This is definitely the part I found the most interesting as I wasn't just swimming round aimlessly and I actually knew exactly what I needed to do and when to progress to the next episode. The little twist at the end of the first episode also set up nicely for the rest of the game, it is just a bit of a let down that the game seemed to slow right down for me straight after that. The narrator is a highlight of the game for me with the random shark facts at points in the game, it is great for someone with an interest in sharks and it just makes the swimming around time a bit more bearable. 

The controls were quite easy to get to grips with which surprised me as sometimes with games like this by the time I have had a few days away from it  I have usually forgot even the basic controls. The controls did seem to feel a bit sensitive at times with the occasional taking me way too far away from what is going on and when chomping sometimes I would go too far forward and lose whatever I was eating. This was quite annoying at times due to that fact it slowed down leveling up but it is easy enough to work through as I just start to expect a few extra minutes added on due to this. 

I did notice that when I set a way point marker in the game it seemed to disappear a few times too which was a bit confusing as I was on my way to another story objective and I will be left without knowing where to go and what direction I need to be heading in, which definitely isn't good when you are already fed up with swimming around aimlessly. It just feels like I am swimming around without doing anything for far too long especially when it comes to leveling up which seems to take forever, I prefer just getting into things and get right into the action than going looking for things that are going to level me up when I have eaten what feels like a million little fish to gain half of what I need to level up.  Also is there need for level 8 Alligators to be straight in there in episode 2 when you are still trying to gain level 3 or 4? It just feels like they are very over powered when they don't need to be which I just found very frustrating. By episode 3 I was definitely getting bored due to all the swimming around trying to level up just to get the simple story missions complete due to those alligators. 

The game is only 8 episodes long and I am focusing on just completing the story as I really cant be bothered going round doing all the side objectives as the game is dragging along too much for me already, granted this may help me level up that bit quicker but I just can't be bothered at the moment due to the pace the game has set already. I find myself not wanting to spend more than an hour or so on this as I just find myself losing interest far too quickly. I keep going away from the game and then back to it as I just can't make my mind up on the game one minute I love it when there is some action but then I am bored just swimming around. I am hoping it gets better as I progress but lately I have found myself wanting to move away from it all together. Who knows one day I might end up rolling the credits on it and it may get better but for now I think I might play something different then come back to this. How are you finding your play through of Maneater?

Publisher : Tripwire Interactive, Deep Silver, Koch Media 

Developer : Tripwire Interactive, Blindside Interactive

Available On : Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5, Xbox Series X & S

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