6 Month With My Macbook Pro

How has it been 6 month since I finally made the jump and purchased my Macbook Pro, those 6 months have passed by so quickly and the first 6 months with my new laptop has been absolutely fantastic even if I haven't really got to use it to its full potential yet due to the pandemic. I got the Macbook due to my old laptop going unbelievably slow and me being unable to do simple tasks in the time frame it should have taken them. So I saved up and bought the Macbook Pro 2020 so that when I am at work on breaks or on trips I can still work on my content and stay on top of things. It means I can quickly check emails, edit videos or photographs on the go and so much more without worrying about it going at a snails pace or crashing on me. 

On the odd days when I have been in the office at work it has been great having the Macbook in my bag to work on content on my breaks, all I have to do is open it up and I am good to go on whatever I am working on at the time, plus it is pretty lightweight so doesn't break my back while I am carrying it around. Not only does the fast booting up and loading speeds benefit me at work but it also helps me in the house if I need to just quickly respond to an email or jot an idea down I can quickly grab the laptop go on and get it done in an instant so I don't need to wait to boot up my gaming PC or rely on my phone. 

I have noticed that I don't even need to take the charger to work with me either as the battery seems to be holding it's charge really well. If I am doing everyday tasks such as checking social media, checking emails, writing blog posts and editing the odd photograph the battery can last a few days. If I am watching YouTube or other videos on here the battery does go down a lot quicker but it still isn't as bad as my previous laptops as I can get a working day out of it. If I am at home though and I do need to charge it whilst I am using it I don't have to worry about needing to be near a plug socket as the charging cable is a lot long than expected meaning I can be comfortable whilst it charges and still have a productive day. 

The quality of the images on the Macbook are fantastic too thanks to the high resolution it produces. Watching YouTube or the football has got a whole lot better due to this and learning to edit images whilst using this has also been fantastic as the detail is much better than on my 6 year old laptop screen and you can pick up more of the details on these images that I probably wouldn't have noticed previously. Even the sounds is great when I am listening to music, watching YouTube or football too even just through the speakers, it makes a nice change instead of having to wear earphones all the time. Nothing sounds tinny and it is good clear quality sound. 

In the past 6 months I have not had any issues with it getting hot and hearing the fan at all which is definitely a nice change as for so long my HP laptop sounded like an airplane taking off when it was struggling to get tasks done or even just booting up some times. It is nice having a nice quiet piece of technology recently as in recent years technology has been a little loud for me. It is also nice not having to worry about the surface it is on or my legs burning due to the heat too. 

My parents got me some new wireless earphones that are a bit like the Airpods which I was really looking forward to using and I was so glad when I realised just how easily they connected to my Macbook meaning I can get even more use out of them than I expected. It is going to be nice having those smaller earphones in with no wires needed and no need for big headphones (which no doubt I will end up purchasing soon especially as I will be editing videos) just simply take them out of the case connect them to my Macbook and I am good to go. It is handy for if I am in the house too and want to work on bits instead whilst Liam is home as I can just put one earphone in to get things done while not feeling like I am ignoring him. I picked up a USB-C hub for the Macbook too which has made using other accessories even easier due to the lack of ports. This has meant I can add things to the Macbook from a USB stick or memory card which makes transferring files and being productive so much easier as it makes the whole process a lot faster. 

I already know from the first 6 months that I am going to be getting plenty of use out of this as I have already used it daily since I purchased it. Thanks to this and my new found motivation and productivity as I get a whole lot more done I have a few projects I am working on which I can't wait to share and I know that it is going to make starting a YouTube that much easier too as I will be able to edit quickly, easily and on the go to make sure I get plenty done as and when I please.  I know that it is going to make everything that bit easier and hopefully as I learn to edit more every aspect of my content will get better including the images I produce for my blog and social media. 

Overall I would say this has definitely been worth the expensive price tag as I have had no issues with it and used it daily. It has made me much more productive and I haven't been stuck in just 1 room working away on my content whilst we have been stuck at home. This is far better than my previous laptops and I am kind of regretting not picking one up sooner.  I am looking forward to spending a lot more time with this laptop and seeing how well it travels once we can get out and about once more, so keep an eye out for a post bout how well it works for me on the go.

For now I will just continue enjoying using it from the comfort of my home and the office. What do you think to Macbook's?

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