A Day In The Life With The Macbook Pro On A Lockdown Weekend


These UK lockdowns have totally changed the way I spend my weekends, previously I would be at the football all weekend if both the men's team and women's team were at home however, fans can't go to games at the moment so I have a lot more spare time than before. It is spare time that I haven't really known what to do with so each weekend is something different however, one item that gets used every weekend without fail is my Macbook Pro, this is used in some capacity each weekend and various tasks are carried out using my Macbook. So here is what I use my Macbook for on a typical weekend whilst we are in lockdown... 

As soon as I wake up I will  usually reach for my Macbook and scroll through social media for a bit. I have all my social media accounts logged in on here so I can easily switch through them and check any notifications that might have come in over night. I will also have a quick scroll through my emails to see if there have been any interesting ones have come in or not. 

Once I have done that it is time to get up and get ready so I usually take my Macbook into the spare room whilst I get ready so that I can listen to my Spotify. This means I aren't having to listen through my phone and waste battery just in case I do end up needing to go out.

When I am ready I will normally head downstairs to watch some TV and mess around on my Macbook, this is normally when I will be doing a spot of online shopping and more often than not spending far too much money. It is nice being able to just sit and scroll quickly instead of having to wait for ages for pages to load, although I guess this isn't all it is cracked up to be as I can end up spending a lot more money this way. 

Whilst I am downstairs I am usually watching the football too so I usually use the Macbook to live tweet some games for my football blog twitter account. It is nice just been able to use it for this and make any notes for future blog posts in the process too. I can switch between apps nice and quickly so I don't miss anything. 

Some weekends I like to use the Macbook to finish off any blog posts or do admin work whilst I am nice and comfy on the sofa or lounging around in bed on those cold lazy days. It is nice just being able to blog from anywhere in the house without having to worry about pages taking ages to load and the system dying too soon, the battery life means I can actually sit downstairs from 9am on a Saturday to 7pm without having to charge it if I am blogging, checking social media and checking emails. 

There are also times where I will have my Macbook at the side of me whilst I am gaming too just in case I am checking social media during cut scenes or listening to music or podcasts whilst I am playing my current game at that moment. I also have it by my side in case I get stuck on any levels of my game as it means I can quickly bring up a walk through to help me get past it, this doesn't happen too often however, it is handy if I do need to do this. 

With the quality of the screen and graphics on this I have ended up I have ended up watching more things on this than I did on my previous laptop. On my Macbook on a weekend especially I love just lounging around and catching up on any YouTube videos I missed out on during the week. I also watch a lot more Disney + due to the quality of the graphics as I will happily lie in bed on a night and binge watch any series I have on the go, it is fantastic and means I am also getting my moneys worth out of my subscription thanks to this as I am definitely watching it much more often. I have even installed Sky Go on here so I can watch the football or NBA from anywhere or have it on next to me whilst I game. 

So there you go that is what I use my Macbook for on a typical weekend in lockdown I am 100% sure that when we leave lockdown this will change so I will be doing a day in the life on a weekend post for that when the time comes. Do you use your Macbook or laptop a lot on the weekend or mainly week days?

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