What We Are Playing (5th March)


Well it is Friday again and I know that I am ready just to switch off and do the bare minimum. I have decided that this weekend I am just going to try switch off and try not to work on any blog posts as I know I am starting to approach that burnout stage that I really don't want to happen. So I am hoping that a weekend away from writing will just help me refresh and get a little bit of motivation back. The plan for the weekend is just to watch football, maybe go for a walk but mostly spend some time gaming as I have definitely neglected gaming recently. So here is what me and Liam plan on playing over the next few days and into next week... 


After doing no gaming last week I am finally going to make a start on Bugsnax as I am definitely in the mood just to relax and playing something that looks really fun. That is the main game I am going to be playing but I am hoping to jump into Super Lucky's Tales too as I am really looking forward playing this as I have heard some really good things about this game. If I fancy a change of pace though I may jump into NBA 2K21 or FIFA 21 as these are games I am certainly neglecting. 


I will be dipping in and out of quite a few games this weekend. I will be on the usual World of Warcraft and Red Dead Redemption which I am still enjoying. But I will also be playing a bit more Crusader Kings 3 which I played during the week and enjoyed playing. Borderlands 3 is also installed now so fingers crossed I can jump onto that too at some point. 

Hopefully we can both find time to start our co-op play through of Gears of War Ultimate too as it could be fun for us to play a game together for a change as it isn't something we tend to do. 

What are you playing this weekend?

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