February 2021 New In

Well February is over and done with and to be honest it feels like 2 minutes ago that I was writing my January new in post. February was a lot tamer in terms of spending for me as I didn't make as many big purchases and to be honest I toned it right down and only picked up a few gaming / geeky related items which were... 

I picked up this gamer putty as it was just 75p. To be honest I don't even know what this is but for that price I thought I would give it a try. This is going to live in the games room and no doubt I will end up messing around with it whilst I am writing blog posts instead of actually writing.

Whilst I was in Asda I noticed they had their World Book day books out and as soon as I saw this small Skulduggery Pleasant book for just £1 I thought I would treat myself as this is a book series I have loved since a young age. I can't wait to get reading this.

I also picked up the 13th book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series as it was only £4. I have a lot of these books that I have kept since I was younger and I am aiming to get the full set as I am trying my best to re-read the books so I need to add the books to the collection ready for when I get to them. 

My auntie let me know that Asda had their women's gaming clothing in the sale and there was no way I could resist picking up a few items. First up I got this Xbox hoodie which I absolutely love, I was a bit worried that the fit wouldn't be right for me as it is women's and I am used to buying from the men's section but it is fantastic. I can see me wearing this a lot for those long gaming sessions as that room never seems to warm up. 

I also got these Xbox leggings which were definitely are a step out of my comfort zone as I normally never wear leggings and much prefer tracksuit bottoms. These leggings are really comfortable though so they are going to be absolutely perfect for lounging around in and having plenty of long gaming sessions in. 

I also picked up a Xbox t-shirt to add to my wardrobe which again is brilliant. It is nice and simple with the logo in the centre and the white stripes on each of the sleeves. The fit on this t-shirt is really nice on this and to be honest I like this too much for it to be just for lounging around in so I can see me wearing this quite often out and about. 

Finally I couldn't leave PlayStation out when I was purchasing my new clothing so I picked up this PlayStation t-shirt. The symbols are a bit glittery which is different to what I would normally like however, I really like this and the fact that it is a bit oversized means that it is going to be really comfortable too. 

I also picked up the 3 free PS Plus games for the month too which were Control Ultimate Edition, Concrete Genie & Destruction All Stars which are definitely going to keep me busy for a while. 

So there you have it I managed to cut back on my spending and these are the only items I actually picked up and I am happy with that as I really need to start saving more so let's hope I can get back on track soon and only buy things I really need. 

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