My Thoughts On Latest Nintendo Direct


Finally I managed to sit down and watch the latest Nintendo Direct. These days I seem to neglect Nintendo a lot more than I intend to however, I definitely plan on changing that in 2021. I went into the Direct interested to see what they were revealing as I don't tend to keep up with what is new in the world of Nintendo and as I say I am looking at stopping neglecting Nintendo which means I am definitely in the market to purchase quite a few new Switch games this year. With me not watching Nintendo Directs in the past I didn't go into this with high expectations as I didn't know what they usual reveal so I reigned my expectations in and was interested in what they were going to show. So here are my thoughts on the latest Nintendo Direct...

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 

There are new characters coming to Super Smash Bros from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which I have never played. I absolutely loved playing Super Smash Bros on my 3DS so I think it is about time I pick it up for the Switch especially with my new love for fighting games. The trailer definitely worked on me for this game as it is now on my list of games to purchase. 

Fall Guys 

Fall Guys is coming to the Nintendo Switch in the summer and I can see plenty of people picking it up as the game looks so fun to play. I still haven't played this game even though I have it on the PS4 so I might give it a go and see if it is worth getting on the Switch too. 

Outer Wilds 

We didn't get to see much about Outer Wilds but from what we did see I think this is a game more suited to Liam than me as I just aren't sure about it based on the little bit we did see of it. This game is coming to the Switch in summer 2021 so I might look into it a little bit more before it is released. 

Famicon Detective Club : The Missing Heir & Famicon Detective Club The Girl Who Stands Behind

These games are coming to North America for the first time and these really do look like they would be good mystery games to play through. I really do think if I picked these up I could very easily lose hours in these games as they look really appealing to me and are different to the usual type of games I play. These games are coming 14th May. 

Samurai Warriors 5 

I hadn't heard of the Samurai Warrior games before but from the short little trailer we saw in the Direct it does look like a pretty good game which would possibly be more suited to Liam than me. I think I am going to have a look into the game a bit more before its release in Summer though to really make my mind up. 

Legend of Mana

Whilst watching the trailer for this game all I could think was... this could be fun for those lazy weekends. The best part of this for me is the fact that it is up to you how the story advances and you can also turn off enemy encounters just to take an even more relaxed approach. This game is coming June 24th and I am very tempted to purchase it. 

Monster Hunter Rise 

I have never played a Monster Hunter game before but I know Liam used to really liked playing them. After seeing the trailer in the Direct I wasn't too sure about it for me as it just doesn't look like my sort of game. I definitely want to show Liam this trailer though as I think he might end up liking it. This game is coming March 26th and who knows if it will be added to our Switch game collection or not. 

Mario Golf Super Rush 

I have definitely neglected Mario games in the past (more on that in a future post) but after seeing the trailer for Mario Golf Super Rush I am definitely going to be purchasing this game. I usually hate anything golf related however, there is something about Nintendo golf games that I love. This game uses motion control too which is bound to be fun especially now the Switch is in an area where I can make use out of this. There are plenty of different modes in this game but the two that stood out most to me were speed golf and the story mode. I love how it incorporates the good old Mii characters too. This is coming on June 25th and I can see me picking this up ASAP and playing through the story mode a lot. 

Tales From The Borderlands

I have recently played and completed this game on the Xbox One but I really enjoyed playing it. It is a nice fun game where you don't have to do anything too strenuous. This is coming to the Switch on March 24th and to be honest I am very tempted to get it and play through it again. 

Capcom Arcade Stadium

This game is available already and to be honest I aren't too sure what to think about it. I have never really been into Capcom games but I am sure fans of those games will love this. To be honest I aren't too sure on this, maybe I will give it a go in the future to play those classics I have missed out on but for now I am still making my mind up.

Stubbs The Zombie In Rebel Without A Pulse

This game is coming to the Switch on March 16th and it looks really fun. You have to build up your zombie horde in this game and to be honest I think it is a game I could really get on board with and lose hours in. It is rare I play Zombie games as the ones I see look a bit too creepy for me as I am scared too easily but this looks perfect for me. 

No More Heroes 3 

To be honest I have never even heard of the No More Heroes games but from what I saw from the trailer this one looks quite good. What I liked the most about this was the fact you have to do jobs to earn your fights. Although the trailer did look good thanks to me not knowing much about this series of games I aren't too sure if it is actually for me or not. This isn't released until August 27th so I have plenty of time to make my mind up on it. 

Neon White

This game definitely looked interesting as you are an assassin in heaven in the first person action game. The fact that it incorporates as they say slaying with cards definitely makes it different to what I would usually play but it does seem to be appealing to me. I will be looking into this more before its winter 2021 release as there is just something about it that is drawing me in. 

DC Super Hero Girls : Teen Power

I know that this probably aimed for kids but there aren't enough female super hero games out there for me to play so this one is on the cards for me to purchase. The game looks really fun and like the perfect chill out game for me that I cna just pick up whenever instead of grinding away at it. Not only do you get to do the usual super hero things but you also get to shop and upload pictures to your characters social media. This game comes out June 4th and at the moment it is looking like I am going to purchase it. 

Plants vs Zombies Battle For Neighborville Complete Edition

I have never been bothered with the Plants vs Zombies games, I think I played one once for a very short period of time and realised that they just weren't for me. For fans of the game though this is coming March 19th. 


I used to love the Mii's on the Wii and I think it is going to be really fun having Miitopia on the Switch. Your relationships are key in this so it encourages you to spend time strengthening bonds and you can even have a horse in this. Miitopia is coming to the Switch on May 21st.

Animal Crossing x Super Mario 35th Anniversary Themed Items

Super Mario themed items are now available in Animal Crossing New Horizons. There are mushrooms and question blocks and you can also place the Mario pipes to travel between island locations. I would absolutely love to give this a go however, I just really can't get into this installment of Animal Crossing for some reason. 

Project Triangle Strategy (Working Title)

This brand new game from Square Enix looks like it has the potential to be quite fun. I will be having a more of a look into this game to get as much information as I can before its 2020 release date. I can actually see me enjoying this tactical RPG even though I don't usually play them. You get to use the terrain and elements to give you an advantage in battles. It will hopefully be a game that gets me thinking and taking my time with decisions for a change as your decisions effect how the story goes. I think that I would enjoy this game but I can also see Liam enjoying it too. 

Star Wars Hunters

In recent years I have neglected Star Wars games a bit too much and I really need to get caught up on them. This team based game is an online game which I normally avoid but from the little bit I saw of this game I could see myself enjoying it. Lets see if I am still interested when it is released. 

Knockout City

This game was first shown in the Switch direct however. it was then shown in the latest State of Play. Since seeing this game I have been tempted to pick it up due to how fun it looks however, it would mean getting yet another online membership if I picked it for the Switch. To be honest I am still undecided but I have until May to make my mind up. 

Worlds End Club

It said that in this game you fight for your life. The side scrolling game with plenty of narrative has you alternating between solo and group play and it definitely looks interesting. We didn't see too much about this but I am going to look into it more before its May 28th release. 


Hades has been a game I have been looking at for a while now but still haven't made my mind up on. The game is getting a physical release on March 17th which is honestly tempting me even more as I certainly prefer physical releases to digital ones. I have heard really good things about this and have seen a lot of people spend a lot of time on it so maybe its time to bite the bullet and make the purchase. 

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection

There are 3 games in this collection and to be honest I have never heard of this game series before. If you liked the look of this game though this collection seems like the perfect way to get into the series. The game did look pretty good from what we saw but honestly I don't think it is the game for me. If you do fancy picking it up though it is released June 10th. 

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

There are new battles coming to Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity via the expansion pass that is going to be released over various dates. I have mentioned before I aren't too bothered about Zelda games so I will definitely be passing on this one. 

Bravely Default II 

I didn't get to see much about this and I don't know much about Bravely Default however, I am actually really interested in possibly picking it up I just want to see a bit more about it before I make the purchase. This is out now. 

Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection

I haven't got much to say about this game as for some reason it just really doesn't appeal to me. The trailer went by far too fast for this too which I don't think helped but this game is available now.

Saga Frontier Remastered 

Now from the little bit we saw from this game it does look good however, I just don't think that the game is for me. I aren't too sure on it and I think I will pass on this one but for anyone interested it is released April 15th

Apex Legends

I know a lot of people who are excited for this but for me I will be passing on this as for some reason this game has just never appealed to me and I wish I knew why. This is coming to the Switch March 9th. 

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD

The game that originally was on the Wii is coming to the Switch on July 16th. Again I won't be picking this up as I aren't interested in Zelda games however, I could definitely see Liam playing this. What does sound good about this though is the you can either use motion control or the buttons so whichever version of the Switch you have you can give it a go. 

Splatoon 3 

Again Splatoon is a game I have never played but it just looks so fun so when Splatoon 3 comes in 2022 I may need to pick this up and give it a try. The trailer definitely sold me on the game and I honestly think if I did start playing it I would be hooked and not want to play anything else. 

I was quite impressed with the Nintendo Direct and honestly it has made me want to pick up plenty of new Switch games and actually start playing on it a whole lot more. I know that the Switch is going to be in my bag for lunch breaks and car journeys in the near future. Other than any of the games on this list can you recommend any games for me to pick up and try?

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