April 2021 New In

I have really surprised myself this month as I have bought a lot of things mainly for family members birthdays however, I don't really seem to have purchased myself a lot of items the fall into the categories of this blog for a change. When it has come to putting this post together it has really surprised me just how little I have actually bought. So here are those few purchases...

Demi Lovato's new album was finally released and the UK store had a really good offer on so I bit the bullet and made the purchase. Originally I wasn't going to buy this as I could just listen to it on Spotify but when I could get the album and 2 cassettes for just £12.99 I couldn't resist. I love the different artwork on each case and I am so glad I bought them as I now own every Demi Lovato album on CD, I just can't get enough of her. 

I also finally picked up a tech organiser bag at long last. I was sick of my cables getting mixed up and other bits of tech going missing so when I saw this on offer on Amazon I bought it straight away. Now everything has its own place and is kept in this bag so if I need to use an item I know where it is straight away and don't have to spend ages hunting for it after misplacing it which has happened far too often. I am really pleased with this and actually wish I got one sooner as it is so useful. 

I know that next month there is definitely going to be a whole lot more on this as I am hoping I can beat some games so I can purchase new, I have my eye on some tech and somethings need renewing. Plus the shops are reopen here in the UK again so I can head back to the likes of Game, Smyths Toys, PC World & CEX. This month was a bit disappointing for pick ups but that is about to change... What is your favourite purchase from April?

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