Unboxing The Steelseries Arctis 7 Headset

At long last I have a new headset. Just after we moved in 3 years ago my old Steelseries headset finally gave in and I ended up using Liam's old Razer headset until I found one of my own. Poor Liam's headset had been going for years so it wasn't in the best condition the ear-cups were falling apart and the headband was slowly going the same way, you couldn't even see the Razer on it anymore. I had been putting off buying a new one to the price point but enough was enough and I made the jump and picked up the Steelseries Arctis 7 headset from Amazon for £140. This headset is one that Liam got in 2020 and had sung its praises so the fact I could use it on multiple devices and Liam said it was good I caved and went for that option. So here is what you get in the box... 

When you take the headset out of the box you are greeted with another box with the Steelseries logo and rise up on it with some text. To be honest I didn't exactly read this as I just wanted to hurry up and get to my new headset, this part of packing is a nice touch though and did add a little extra protection to the headset. 

Once you remove that extra packaging sleeve you are straight away greeted with the headset, cables and transmitter. To be honest I was a bit surprised that they were just in a bit of plastic as I thought it might have had a bit of foam in to protect it a little bit more. It also just had little plastic stickers over the outer ear cups to protect them a little bit more. It is just nice and simply packaged with less packaging than previous products I have purchased before which is great as I hate too much excess packaging. 

On the back of the plastic there is just a small package attached to it which contains the instruction manual and a little slip that tells you what to do if you like or dislike the product which is a nice addition. It is nice not having a stupidly bulky instruction manual like you do in most products. 

The actual headset it actually really light which is perfect for me as the Razer one felt heavy on my head. The headband of this headset is already a lot more comfortable too as it is a lot less harsh on the top of my head. The ear-cups are great too and I am just really happy to not have a wire limiting my movement anymore. 

Also in the box you have the wireless transmitter, a mobile/ console cable which is going to be great as I can finally have a great headset for my consoles once again so poor Liam isn't having to listen to my games all the time. It also comes in with a micro-USB charging cable which is a great length and will be staying in my gaming PC at all times so I don't end up losing it like I have with other cables.

So there you go that is the unboxing of the Steelseries Arctis 7 headset, keep checking back on the blog and social media as I will be posting about my experience with these when I have had more time to use them on different occasions such as gaming, voice chats and even simply listening to music. What headset do you currently use? 

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